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Hurdler brews simple Age-Graded Tables utility

Jess Brewer, the cancer-conquering physicist in Vancouver, spends his weekdays studying muons and other quantum cuties. The rest of the time, he trains for M60 hurdles (in which he recently set a Canadian record in the 100 hurdles). He took a break from both this week by posting his own version of the 2006 Age-Graded […]

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The fish have their own Age-Graded Tables

Every so often, I dog-paddle my way over to U.S. Masters Swimming to see what’s up with the geezerfish. The other day, I came across something interesting — the swimmers’ version of the Age-Graded Tables. (This means trackfolk aren’t the only ones obsessing over how are marks compare with those in other age groups.) And […]

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Age-Graded Tables should get June rollout

Talked to Rex Harvey today after exchanging email with Norm Green, two masters officials involved in the “2002” redo of the hallowed Age-Graded Tables. The bottom line: The finished tables will go to National Masters News by mid-June, and NMN publisher Suzy Hess promises she’ll get the booklets distributed with great dispatch. The delay I […]

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Age-Graded Tables delayed by LDR dispute

Nearly four months ago, I posted my findings on why the new Age-Graded Tables had been delayed. At the time, the tables (aka Magic Decoder Ring of masters track) were supposedly weeks away from being sent to National Masters News for publication. But they still haven’t been disseminated. Why? Let AGT honcho Rex Harvey explain.

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Age-Graded Tables: tanned, rested and ready, eventually

Rex Harvey is used to multi-tasking. After all, he once excelled at the decathlon. (He competed in the 1976 Olympic Trials and in 1991 set a still-standing world M45 age-group record in the 10-event grind.) But his ability to juggle chores was no match for a couple criminals at the Holiday Inn Express in Long […]

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The New York Times discovers Yale prof’s Age-Declining Tables

You’ve heard of the Age-Graded Tables, right? Now The New York Times writes about the converse — Professor Ray Fair’s Age-Declining Tables. That’s what I call them, at least. In a story headlined: “Aging Runners Find Help for a Question: How Slow Will I Get?” our old runner friend Gina Kolata talks about Ray, “a […]

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Jess Brewer unveils Age-Graded calculator with 2014 WMA factors

As legend has it, Jess Brewer posted a note to an ancient track message board about crossing some desert to masters track. And then Ken Stone said aha, and started a website. (The legends are true, BTW.) But Saint Jess isn’t done inspiring. His latest miracle is taking the new WMA Age Factors and fashioning […]

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Calculate age-graded points on iPhone? There’s an app for that!

Stefan Waltermann shares this news for decathletes, heptathletes and everyone involved in the so-called combined events: “Jumpin’ Joe Johnston asked me last year if I could help with an Apple app, a combined-event point calculator for Apple Notebooks, iPhones and iPads. I politely declined but it stayed in the back of my mind. Now I […]

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Multi-event age-graded calculator is online, updated for 2010

The Holy Grails keep on coming. Once upon a time, I wished aloud for an online Age-Graded Tables calculator. Those online lookup forms eventually popped up. But one of the harder online forms to find is one that calculates masters age-group points for the multi-events — decathlon, pentathlon, heptathlon and so on. Now we see […]

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Greater Philly TC ran age-graded track and throws extravaganzas

Chuck Shields of the Greater Philadelphia Track Club has sent results for a demanding “track pentathlon.” Races were run in this order: 3000, 800, 200, 1500 and 400. Winners were determined by the Age-Graded Tables. Chuck writes: “This competition was held Sunday, August 15, at Gwynedd Mercy Academy in Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. . . . […]

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