Secret German ‘Common Intention Declaration’ a threat to WMA?

Do Eurovets mind impact of this document?

Germans are touchy about dictators — for good reason. But a document I recently obtained suggests their track federation demands total subservience when it comes to the Eurovets — aka European Masters Athletics. Already the powerhouse of masters track on the Old Continent, the DLV (German Athletics Federation) has a 500-word “Common Intention Declaration” that it expects people to sign when they join the EMA Council and maybe WMA as well. That’s my impression from several chats with sources familiar with this secret pact. (I can’t find any reference to it anywhere on the Web, even when using the German “Gemeinsame Absichtserklärung.”) In any case, I’m told that Kurt Kaschke, the president of EMA, has signed this doc, which says in part: “He is obligated to be loyal to the German Athletics Federation and his representatives first, in the world of influence and interest world and interest of the EVAA and its members. He cooperates with the specific groups, commissions, structures and the council of the German Athletics Federation.” In other words, no matter what you do in EMA, your first obligation is to toe the DLV line. Who knows what this means in practice? And what good is an agreement known only to a small number of people? But if I were a non-German masters athlete in Europe, I’d be asking questions.

I wrote everyone on the EMA Council and selected WMA folks, including President Stan Perkins. No response. But USATF national masters chair Rex Harvey told me: “Don’t know what this is — first time I’ve heard of it.”

One source I trust as authoritative says that it was created mainly by Margit Jungmann and that Stan knows about it. Margit has signed it two times, in fact — at Porto Alegre and Perth worlds, I’m told.

“In Porto Alegre, she was asked about this document by a Finnish delegate and she proudly said, ‘Yes, of course!’” my source says.

In Perth last October, Margit was unanimously elected WMA’s executive vice president. Does the “Common Intention Declaration” mean the interests of Germany come before WMA? She hasn’t responded to my queries, so who knows?

WMA has its problems. But it doesn’t need a nagging suspicion that its own exec veep is being ordered to vote or act first in the interests of the DLV.

What this means in practice, I have no clue. Do you?

Here’s the text:

In favour of the cooperation between the representatives of the German Athletics Federation in national and international associations of Sport and the German Athletics Federation it­self.

The German Athletics Federation (DLV) is one of the most important and most influential organisa­tions in National German Sport and in the inernational Sportsfederations.

The European Veterans Athletics Association (EVAA) is the one and only recognized and leading Continental European Association within the World Masters Movement and excels by its recent innovations and by implementing the supporting rules and directives in favour of the Veterans Sports, in which the synergies in the common fight against Doping get a special attention.
The German Athletics Federation (DLV) supports and enhances the development and progress of the national and international Athletics.

Accordingly the German Athletics Federation promotes ac­tively the candidatures of the representatives of the German Athletics Federation in the national and international Structures and Associations and makes use of its right of proposal for elections, appointments and nominations.

The underneath named and proposed representative of the German Athletics Federation, has to identify himself as the Ambassador of the German athletics movement, as far as his powers as president of the EVAA allow him.

He is obligated to be loyal to the German Athletics Federation and his representatives first, in the world of influence and interest world and interest of the EVAA and its members. He cooperates with the specific groups, commissions, structures and the council of the German Athletics Federation. For that purpose, the Council of the German Athletics Federation appoints always one of his members as a direct person of contact for the supported representative.

These persons of contact get appointed by written document. This cooperation is especially defined by a mutual obligation of information, within the limits of the confidentiality clauses which might be applicable as well for the German Athletics Federation as for the Europeans Veterans Athletics Association.

The elected or appointed representative informs the German Athletics Federation through his ap­pointed person of contact about the decisions from the concerned international structure, if not pro­hibited by confidentiality clauses.

Before reaching a decision, the elected or appointed representative has to ask for the opinion and conviction of the German Athletics Federation concerning those matters, if these final decisions could influence the interest of the German Athletics Federation.

The representative has to present this position of the German Athletics Federation in the discussions of the international structure before a decision will be reached by the system of a simple majority.

The person of contact of the German Athletics Federation informs the elected or appointed re­presentative about the positions and opinions of the special commissions and/or the Council of the German Athletics Federation.

The German Athletics Federation creates the possibility to present or propose specific items in the special commissions or the Council.

The German Athletics Federation will invite at a regularly basis or in case of necessity the elected or appointed representative at meetings of the special commissions or the Council of the German Athletics Federation.

Darmstadt I Lausanne, 30.04.2012

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April 12, 2017

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  1. Weia Reinboud - April 13, 2017

    I do not see a problem in the text, but maybe I am not suspicious enough. It can also be read as stressing mutuality and so to prevent representatives to have their own agenda.

  2. Dieter Massin - April 13, 2017

    If you imagine that every member of the Council (WMA or EMA) signs such an agreement with his national association, then it will be difficult to follow paragraphs like §1 (WMA) and §2 (EMA) consistently and correctly. And it will be very difficult to be neutral, objective and independent.

  3. Mary Harada - April 13, 2017

    I think that those of us in the USA who are of a certain age (as in “old”) tend to have the hair raise on the back of our heads when we see something that looks like a “loyalty oath”. Perhaps the translation is very literal – I have not seen a copy in German and even if I did – not sure what is left of my German vocabulary would get me very far. To the English speaker the language seems to be “rigid” but perhaps it is not. As I read it -it says – if you are an official representative of the German Athletic Federation your first loyalty is to the Federation. It would be interesting to see what the reaction would be if USATF wrote a statement like this. It would never try it – right! (Sarcasm alert).

  4. Matt B. - April 13, 2017

    USATF should write a similar statement like this.

  5. Ken Stone - April 13, 2017

    Not everyone in EMA is happy about the German order. This note came from EMA Vice President from Poland:

    I would like to thank you preparing an article on Masterstrack website, which concern “German Common Intention Declaration”.
    This is not acceptable that such document have been prepared by the German Athletics Federation and obligate to loyalty who are presently members of the masters athletics councils.

    Of course I disagree to such behaviours, by the way what about to loyalty to other countries?

    Our duty is to serve all countries without disproportions.

    With sports greetings,

    Jerzy Krauze
    EMA Vice President

  6. Ken Stone - April 13, 2017

    One of the Germans I contacted for info on this document is a sports journalist with a critical website called

    Axel Hermanns, the German blogger, responded to my queries thusly:

    Yes! This “Pact with the devil” has been known to me since early January 2015. At that time I published the commitment statement in full text on and commented accordingly. Since then I have always referred to it. Lastly, on 31 March 2017.

    Look here:

    His latest post is here (and translated below):

    (San Diego / Darmstadt / Lausanne / Krefeld, April 13, 2017) Now he will not get rid of them, the evil spirits he called. This is the controversial EMA President Kurt Kaschke (pictured) from Freudenstadt, who before his election as successor of Dieter Massin (Ahlen) in August 2012 an ominous “gag and mist pact” with the German Athletics Federation (DLV), especially President Clemens Prokop, has always decided to act for the benefit of DLV. Shortened. The full text of this commitment is available at this link.

    But now it becomes even more piquant and interesting. This ominous paper found its way into the USA on the network side masterstrack of Ken Stone in our increasingly closer digital world. In addition, with his research and his comment provided in English language read. Although already published, which I have absolutely nothing to do (although that would not matter, after all, as a freelance sports journalist I am not responsible to anyone but myself), I received this mail at 3:51 am CEST a mail request from my American colleague Stone = Stone), a veritable chunk, whether this pamphlet is known to me, and can make more details about it. Can I, of course, I do.

    But this is not yet the piquant and interesting thing about this unfortunate story, in which the Federal Committee Chairman and later WMA Vice President Margit Jungmann (Rehlingen) was also inaugurated. Rather, K.K. From F. before his intended re-election at the EMA General Assembly on July 30, 2017 within the framework of the stadium EM in Aarhus (Denmark) is also drawn internationally by the cocoa. For the delegates from most European countries are more powerful than the German language. And masterstrack achieves far more visitors, who inform themselves about the world of the senior athletes (Masters).

    Watch him right, the Kashke. As a matter of fact, in the style of Stone, steadily drops the stone. It can, however, also mutate into a hot stone, in which some may still burn their fingers properly. Quite apart from that, we can all be curious as the silent senior speaker Alfred Hermes reacts to it, which with its minimization net side quasi the German branch of masterstrack maintains, everything possible and impossible from there decouples. My tip: “Nothing!”

  7. Dariusz Bednarski - April 14, 2017

    I”m totally surprised by this ducument

  8. Stefan Waltermann - April 17, 2017

    A very stupid and damaging statement made by a representative of the state that prides itself as being the most European of all Europeans. No wonder they wanted to keep this a secret.

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