Sizzling world records by Angela Copson, David Carr, Ingrid Meier

Anyone drug-test Ingrid’s hair in the 1 and 2?

Results from Australia, Britain and Germany show some incredible world records being set in events from the 100 to 5,000. I noted Jane Horder’s W60 hurdle marks, but another British masters nationals star was W70 Angela Copson, whose 5000 mark of 20:56.13 crushed the listed WR of 21:34.08 by Aussie Lavinia Petrie in 2014. But Australia is celebrating the M85 WRs of David Carr in the 800 (3:06.69) and 1500 (6:27.3), under the listed WRs of 3:09.10 by Canada’s Earl Fee in 2014 and 6:38.23 by the late Ed Whitlock, his Ontario colleague, in 2016. Finally, a week ago at German masters nationals, W70 Kathy Bergen’s listed WR of 14.76 for 100 fell to Ingrid Meier and her 14.73. Two days later in the 200, Ingrid clocked 31.30 to nip Kathy’s listed WR of 31.39. Other records are being reported, but I like to link to results or authoritative sites just becuz.

Western Australia’s David smiles during race, perhaps his WR 800 down under.

Also in Australia, we learn: “Earlier in the week another MAWA member scored a World Record, this time Barbara Blurton in the W65 4x400m team at the National Championships in Darwin. Their time was 4:52.76.”

That destroys the listed WR of 5:06.10 by another Aussie team in 2016.

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July 9, 2017

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  1. Luigi Fasolato - July 10, 2017

    Thursday a Perth David Carr (M85) 11’04″2 in 2000 steeple , Saturday a Orvieto Marco Segatel (M55) 1,91 in High Jump and a Loughborough Anthony Whiteman (M45) 3’48″72 in 1500 M45.

  2. christel donley - July 11, 2017

    Records are a great accomplishment, fun and reward for the athlete! THEN THEY GET BROKEN… CONGRATS TO THE NEW “SETTER”
    BUT, IT WAS STILL MY/YOUR record at ONE time!
    Nothing less!

    Enjoy! Former and new record holders.

  3. John Dennehy - July 11, 2017

    David Carr – 3 WR’s in 3 weeks! The 2km steeples WR (11:04.2) was 33 seconds faster than the previous record. Amazing athlete.

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