South African becomes oldest lady 20K racewalker at age 92

Cecily Rootenberg on Saturday of Central Gauteng Athletics walks the 20K during the ASA Race Walking Championship. Photo by Roger Sedres/Gallo Images.

A South African newspaper reports that Cecily Rootenberg at 92 has become the oldest female 20K race walker in history, “completing a historic feat after spending nearly four hours on the road” at a 20K road walk. (That’s 12.4 miles.) “Though her torso leaned gradually further to one side as the race progressed, she shuffled back and forth with determination on the 2km looped course,” the story said. “At one point a concerned spectator joined her on the road, holding her hand for a short period, but Rootenberg needed no assistance and crossed the line on her own before being assisted by officials. She finished the race in 3:53:41, more than an hour behind the second-last finisher. Rootenberg was expected to approach the World Masters Athletics organisation to have her time ratified as a world record in the 90-94 age division.” Good for her. Hope the hand-holding doesn’t do her in.

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October 22, 2017

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