‘Superman’ Dan Bulkley at finish line of masters career: 100 at 100

Last October, I wrote about Dan Bulkley of Oregon being entered at the Huntsman World Senior Games. At 99, he was set to run sprints and do discus and javelin. He didn’t make it to the meet. But thank goodness he made it to 100 (on May 4). In one of the greatest masters profiles I’ve seen, his local paper shows him running 100 (to the movie theme of “Superman”). His exact time wasn’t recorded. But his form was great. Tim Trower’s story in the Mail Tribune had a lot of revelations, including a sad one: Dan may be hanging up his spikes. But “he plans to run [100] again this Saturday, when a birthday party of some 200 guests — family and friends are another thing Bulkley has collected over these many years — commences at RoxyAnn Winery.” Also notable: “The [alternating lead leg] hurdle technique he adopted years earlier in college boded well. For 15 years and through three age groups, 70 to 84, he was unbeaten in the intermediates.” (Using “intermediates” brands the writer as a track savvy guy.) Also loved hearing Dan’s motto: “You don’t slow down because you’re getting old. You get old because you slow down.” Dan’s last official meet was a year ago in Bend, running the 50 and 100, the paper says. He’s already a Masters Hall of Famer. Legend is his legacy.

Dan gets sendoff in his last track 100 at Oregon college where he coached.

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May 19, 2017

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