Thanks to all our readers and lively commenters after 5,000 posts

Track and field turkey.

Track and field turkey could use spikes.

I’m thankful for my mom and dad (both living). They gave me skinny genes. I’m thankful for my wife, who supports my trackstar ambitions. I’m thankful for meet directors, USATF officials and my elite teammates in the Southern California Striders for treating me as an equal. (How elite? Candidates for the top award of the year included Kathy Bergen, Rita Hanscom, Damien Leake and Linda Cohn. Kathy won.) And certainly not least — y’all who read these self-indulgent posts and post thoughtful comments. (And cut me generous checks after a plea for support.) This year, I sped past the 5,000 mark. As of Wednesday, I’ve blogged 5,112 times and gotten 28,616 comments (and less than half are mine). Happy Thanksgiving, and see you at outdoor nationals!

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November 25, 2015

3 Responses

  1. ed rose - November 27, 2015

    Ken, one of my favorite websites. Read your articles everyday and love your sarcasm and wit. Keep up the good work.

  2. Roger Pierce - November 29, 2015

    Thanks for all of it Ken…….

  3. Rick Easley - November 30, 2015

    I don’t think I ever miss a day checking up on your website. It is nice to be able to check up on what is happening in masters track. I don’t know how long you plan on continuing this, but I hope that someone will take up the torch if you ever do decide to call it a day.

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