The fish have their own Age-Graded Tables

Every so often, I dog-paddle my way over to U.S. Masters Swimming to see what’s up with the geezerfish. The other day, I came across something interesting — the swimmers’ version of the Age-Graded Tables. (This means trackfolk aren’t the only ones obsessing over how are marks compare with those in other age groups.) And by the way, Dr. Howard’s Grubb’s online lookup page incorporating the newly revised WMA Age-Graded Tables is back live. For a while, his server was down and you couldn’t reach his Web site. All is well now. Anyhoo, the swimmers show us that age-grading is a masters thing, not just a track thing.

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May 9, 2006

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  1. Thomas Fahey - May 9, 2006

    Suspect marks in the 50-60 discus:
    The age-regressed formula for the discus is suspect. The 68.40 Klaus Weiffenbach (GER 52 10.05.97 ) is equivalent to a 207 foot 2 kg throw. Alwin Wagner (current 55 world champion who throws about 50 meters) said that Weiffenbach had never come close to beating him and couldn’t throw the 2 kg discus 175 feet. Weiffenbach beat Oerter’s record but was not in Oerter’s league. World record holder Klaus Liedtke (M 55; 64.58) tested positive for steroids but his records stand.

  2. K - May 9, 2006

    Geezerfish. I like that.

  3. Matt - May 10, 2006

    36 year old Simon Vroemen (NED) 8:04.95 is one of the top performances at 102.69% and is about 12.5 seconds better then the current WR.
    Crazy. I don’t think it should be that high, its just that not a lot of world class runners compete in the steeple, I think the perfomance is closer to 100 at best

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