Throwers young and old gathering for Big Guys party in Sacramento

Gary England writes to invite all American Big Guys (and Gals) to the annual Traveling Big Guys Party on the Saturday night of the USATF open championships in Sacramento. The party “has been a rite of passage for throwers since 1990,” Gary says. “I have decided to combine it with the West Coast Throwers Reunion to bring the past and present together.” Party site will be on the website at and social media, he says. “Throwing Fellowship, drinks and raffle is $15 for meet participants and coaches, $30 for everybody else.” I love the story behind the party’s name. “Starting in 1990 at the National Championships in Cerritos, California, the Traveling Big Guys Party got its name from having to travel from hotel to hotel after (sometimes not so politely) being asked to leave,” the website says. “Our first venue was a single hotel room where we stacked the furniture and beds up in order to make enough space to accommodate our guests. Even by rearranging the room’s furnishings, the forty-plus throwers in attendance crowded the room and spilled into the parking lot, creating what is now considered a right of passage into the elite throwing circle.”

Gary England awards a Mac Wilkins discus as a raffle prize at a recent Traveling Big Guys Party. Gary was a longtime masters thrower himself.

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April 24, 2017

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  1. Patrick Toland - April 24, 2017

    Now this is a meet I would love to go to… Anything with the words Big Guys, Party and Throwers sounds like fun to me…

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