Vin Lananna hints masters events at 2021 IAAF worlds (if asked)

Vin Lananna brought his “listening tour” to San Diego on Sunday, and I joined a dozen local USATF brass at a shoe store where we sat in a semi semicircle on wooden folding chairs and peppered the prez with comments and questions. Since I was covering for Times of San Diego (see my story), I mostly kept quiet. But I got in some “journalistic” Qs in a one-on-one afterward (see my video) — after the group got kicked out of the store to make way for a yoga class. My masters question was: Can you guarantee that 2021 IAAF worlds in Eugene will host masters exhibition events? He said yes without saying yes, noting how masters are embedded in lots of UofO meets. But he said the LOC has to be asked. So listen up, WMA. Start thinking about events at Hayward Field. (And listen to audio of the meeting, starting after 4 minutes.)

Vin Lananna, in Nike shirt, was personable in San Diego, and actually did listen.

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October 8, 2017

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