W65 Weia Reinboud jumps from HJ to javelin world records

Last weekend, Holland’s Weia Reinboud added to her legend by throwing another W65 world record in the javelin. (See results here.) She noted that her 32.02 (105-0 1/2) was with the 500-gram stick, instead of the old 400-gram. “I am not very content with my technique in this throw,” she told me. Now she joins the late, great Olga Kotelko as having set high jump and jav WRs in the same age group. In 2015, when she turned 65, Weia had a shoulder injury, but still threw five national records. “The new world record W65 was 31.14 by my Czech friend Jarmila Klimešová. She has beaten me several times, but I was approaching her level. In Lyon I had gold. And my goal for this year became to give the world record a try. The third meet I succeeded: 31.79. And five meets later, I improved it a bit to 32.02. More to come? Yes!” Good for you, WR. Keep throwing your initials. Check out the slo-mo:

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September 30, 2016

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  1. SusieQ - October 1, 2016

    Wow! Great job.

  2. Michael D Walker - October 1, 2016

    A great throw! After watching the video, Weia is right, she throw further with just minor technique adjustments. good luck.

  3. Tom Phillips - October 1, 2016

    Well done to Weia – one of the nicest people in Masters too!

  4. Christel Donley - October 1, 2016

    Weia, that looks fabulous…. love the finish!!

  5. Matt B. - October 1, 2016

    Is there a calculator for Javelin throws performed at altitude?
    I read that at 2300 meters there is a 24% reduction in air resistance and assistance to the distance by at least 69cm.

    I do know the elevation of Woerden.

  6. Matt C - October 1, 2016

    Very nice! Looks like almost another meter left on the runway.

  7. Barry Warmerdam - October 2, 2016

    Congratulations, Weia!

  8. Weia Reinboud - October 9, 2016

    A footnote: today 32.52 ( https://www.atletiek.nu/wedstrijd/uitslagen/5286/57947/ ) during my second throw pentathlon, with mediocre hammer throw and shot put, no measure in discus, world record javelin and a big pb weight throw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryv-cuoAG4I

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