Watch for Daegu stories as 4,000 athletes return home, post videos

Roland and his latest 400 indoor WR in M50. Photo by Karl-Heinz Flucke

Folks are returning to their home countries after Daegu worids, and local media are cheering their achievements. Over the next few months, watch for many more. In Germany, the track federation celebrated M50 Roland Gröger and compatriots with records. “I did not enter the 60 meters to concentrate fully on the 400 meters,” said Gröger (M50, TopFit Berlin) after winning the final round of the second round on Sunday in Daegu. In this start-to-finish victory, he improved his own indoor world record from January 2017 from 51.92 seconds to 51.73 seconds,” said one report. We also learn: “At the end of the 7th World Championships for Senior Citizens, the Lord Mayor of Daegu thanked all athletes for their participation in the first World Championships for Senior Citizens in Asia. At the same time, thanks went to the many volunteers. For the many young volunteers there was as a small compensation for their work, and for the attending audience the concert a concert with the most famous and most famous singer and songwriter of South Korea, Hwang Chi Yeul. The President of the World Masters Athletic Association, Stan Perkins, thanked the world champions for their perfectly organized World Championship, which will leave a lasting impression on the more than 4,000 athletes.” Videos are popping up, too:

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March 26, 2017

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