Watch masters men and women run Fifth Avenue Mile right here

Weldon Johnson, or WEJO of fame, sent me a note that Sunday morning’s Fifth Avenue Mile will be live-streamed on the Web, and you can see it via the screen below. Races start at 9 a.m. Eastern time. And M35 never-to-run-masters Bernard Lagat is in the elite field along with Alan Webb.

Watch live streaming video from nyrr at

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September 25, 2010

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  1. peter taylor - September 25, 2010

    Thanks for putting this up, Ken. Kevin Forde (M45) should do very well, as should Sid Howard (M70). Will be interesting to see how Bernard Lagat (M35) does against Alan Webb (M25). Hope to see all of them on this site tomorrow (Sunday).

  2. Jerry Smartt - September 25, 2010

    I had a blast running this about 3-4 years ago. The organizing is absolutely…..WONDERFUL AND AMAZING. Having a clock at every quarter mile is classy. If you get the chance, do more than glance, take it. Smartty

  3. Matt B. - September 25, 2010

    Where are the age group records listed for this race? What is the 45-49 record? Who is the oldest male runner to ever run it? Oldest Woman?

    Looks like Patti-Sue Plummer (4:16.68) is the open women’s course holder
    4:10 mens winner in 2004?

  4. peter taylor - September 25, 2010

    Matt, I could not find any age group records for this event.

    In terms of the results, I think that 4:10 for the men in 2004 is indeed correct; note that the women’s winner that year ran 4:51. In 2005 it went back to being an elite event, with Craig Mottram of Australia taking gold in 3:49 for the men and Carmen Douma-Hussar, the Canadian and former Villanova All-American, winning gold in 4:28.0 for the women.

    Some historian of this event could tell you what happened to cause the temporary drop from elite status; I think it involved a loss of sponsorship.

  5. nyloco - September 25, 2010

    Look for David Cannon to be a contender in the M50 age group.

  6. peter taylor - September 26, 2010

    11:08 AM Now we are showing up in a big way. Nick Berra just won the M40-49 mile in an unofficial 4:25 after running down a gallant Kevin Forde. The masters stars are coming to the fore.

    In the previous race (women 40-49) I could swear that was Terry Ballou* outfinishing many-time national champion Lorraine Jasper. Great to see the runners who star in our national events doing so well here at Fifth Avenue.

    *The sound is not on, but that had to be Terry.

  7. Rita Hanscom - September 26, 2010

    Congrats to Kathy Martin! Kathy you are so awesome! Great job representing masters women 55-59!

  8. Myrle Mensey - September 26, 2010

    Congratulations Sid!! Awesome race. I felt like I was there sitting at my computer cheering for you all the way. Thanks Ken for putting up the site.

  9. chuckxc - September 26, 2010

    Congrats to my GPTC teammates Nick Berra and Kevin Forde for winning their respective divisions. Great race to watch on the live stream.

  10. peter taylor - September 26, 2010

    Terry Ballou ran 5:09 to win W40. She’s getting better as time goes by. Wow. Whoever said to look out for David Cannon (M50) was surely right.

    Kathy Martin rocks, and Sid Howard is simply too much.

  11. tony plaster - September 26, 2010

    Pete, I think Synee Maree has a 3:49 , also heres one to look out for …John Trautmen was in the 40 race…. congrats to Nick Berra

  12. tony plaster - September 26, 2010

    correction, Maree 3:47.52

  13. peter taylor - September 26, 2010

    Yes, Tony, and I looked up John Trautmann’s time for today. He ran 4:33, remarkable when you consider that injuries forced him to give up running for good after being a collegiate and open standout. He must have found some magic cure. This will be extremely interesting if he can return to stardom as a master.

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