Willie Banks bounces M60 American record in TJ, scares WR in HJ

Mike Powell (left) gives Willie support during triple jump.

Mike Powell (left) gave Willie support at TJ.

With long jump world record holder Mike Powell cheering him on, Willie Banks thrice beat the listed M60 American record in the triple jump Saturday at Caltech. Competing in the Pasadena Senior Games, Willie did 12.51 (41-0 1/2) (a correction from earlier post) on his second of four tries. His third attempt was a scratch, but the first and fourth were 12.05 and 12.08 (about). His best effort beat the 34-year-old (!) record of 11.96 (39-3) by the late, great Tom Patsalis. Willie was going for the WR of 12.68 (41-7 1/4) by Stig Bäcklund in 2000. But wait! There’s more! A half-hour after the triple jump concluded in low-90s temps, Willie walked over to the high jump, saw the event was still going on, and proceeded to clear 1.61, 1.66 and 1.71 (just under his recent AR of 1.73), all while wearing a backward ballcap. Then he had the bar set at a world record 1.82 (5-11 1/2) and had two good efforts at straddling it. Mike Powell, meanwhile, told me he’s lost 77 pounds, is down to the 190s and is hoping to qualify for the Olympic Trials, where the automatic qualifier is 26-3. Mike is 52, and the WR for M50 is 6.84 (22-5 1/4). Pasadena results are here.

W60 MaryJane McMaster returned to track after a long break.

W60 Mary Jane McMaster, in 5 or 6 events, made comeback after a long break.

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June 4, 2016

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  1. Matt B. - June 5, 2016

    8.05 is auto. Closer to 26-5″
    Qualifying period through June 26th.
    With a field of 24, he could qualify with a lesser jump.
    Only 10 Americans have gone 8.05 or better this year. 24th is 25’9 1/2″

  2. Steve Kemp - June 6, 2016

    The “old” Willie Banks is STILL the old Willie Banks. Awesome job!

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