Wolfgang Ritte begins potential record rampage with WR vault

So it begins. Germany’s Wolfgang “Wolfie” Ritte has been a world champ and world record holder in the vault for years. Now he’s added to his legend with an M60 WR in the vault of 4.11 meters (13-5 3/4) in his first outdoor meet of the year, according to World Masters Athletics. He turned 60 in January. WMA says: “During the indoor-season Ritte … failed to better the indoor record of John Altendorf (Kamloops, 2010). However at the first outdoor competition (1 May) the German pole vaulter … improved the old record of Altendorf (USA) by seven centimeters.” It was a family affair at Wipperfürth: Ritte’s W60 wife, Ute, jumped 2.61 (8-6 3/4) and his M30 son Thomas cleared 4.81 (15-9 1/4). Here’s the video, posted on Eurovets site. On the Age-Graded Tables, Wolfie’s 4.11 is worth a 6.07 as an open mark — 19-11. And the season is young.

Wolfie clears M60 WR 4.11 in May 1 meet where homes overlook vault.

Wolfie clears M60 WR 4.11 in May 1 meet where homes overlook vault.

According to a German report, roughly translated:

After jumping heights of 3.61 m and 3.81 m in the first attempt, he crossed the new European record height of 3.96 m and then let the bar to the new world record of 4.06 m set. Without problems he skipped this amount directly in the first attempt. Thus was the previous open-air world record, which was also held by John Altendorf, USA, with 4.04m, is history.

As a new Seniorenweltrekordler the mortar directly tried his own world record by five centimeters to improve to 4.11 m. Even this amount he crossed the first attempt, improved the world record by seven centimeters. At 4.21 meters Ritte tried in vain.

His wife Ute and son Thomas were able to record a successful debut season in Wipperfuerth. Ute Ritte jumped 2.61 meters and was able to adjust their best performance of the season last winter.

Thomas Ritte finally secured with skipped 4.81 meters overall victory in the men.

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May 11, 2013

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  1. Christel Donley - May 11, 2013

    Hallo Ute und Wolfgang, habe keine e-mail fuer Euch,
    deshalb auf diesem Weg. Hoffentlich lest Ihr es.
    Nicht nur Glueckwunsch – und Wolfgang, wann im Jan.
    ist/war Dein Geburtstag?

    Nun auch der Filius, genau wie bei uns, alle Stabhoch-springer. Sehen wir Euch in Porto Alegre (genug Geld im Sparschwein?)
    Wir werden nicht in Turin sein.
    Bis zum Wiedersehen, irgendwo – irgendwann,
    Eure Christel und Jerry

    Oh ja, viel Erfolg – keine Verletzungen!

  2. al cestero - May 12, 2013


  3. Bubba Sparks - May 12, 2013

    I fully expect him to jump 4.30m. He is the masters version of Bubka and unbeatable. Happens to be a super nice guy as well so more power to him!

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