Yoko Nakano lowers own W80 world record over 3000 meters

Joy Upshaw (left) took part in Japanese meet.

Yoko Nakano of Japan lowered her own W80 world record over 3000 meters a week ago, clocking 14:27.49 at a Japanese masters meet in Wakayama featured at mastersrankings.com. “Dozens of championship records as well as 22 Japan … records were bettered. The listed record is her 14:47.89 from Sept. 17, 2016, in Nigata, Japan. WMA noted: Octogenarian Yoko Nakano, Japan, ran a marathon in February in a World W80 Best time of 4:11:45. She has now followed that phenomenal time up with a 10,000 world record run in 53.12.59. Both times have now been ratified by WMA. “Almost 2,300 athletes were registered for this championship, which was shortened from three to two days due to impending typhoon,” said the report.

Yoko trains on July 28, 2014, preparing for another world record attempt.

Traveling from Northern California was our Ambassador Extraordinaire Joy Upshaw:

Joy Upshaw (W55), who won 100m in 13.77 (GR), 80mH in 13.22 (GR) and LJ with 4.31, spoke for many with the comments she shared:

Let’s just say: Wow, what a fantastic meet! Japan put on a very organized event. Opening the meet up to foreigners was special. Japan was very welcoming and encouraged athletes from other countries to attend. Many flags were displayed along the railings in colors of Hong Kong, Brazil, USA, Japan, etc. 2300+ athletes participated in the event. 10 full heats of Men’s 45 100m and 3 full heats of women’s 50 100m was a sure sign of active participants!

The warm up track was just 30 meters away. It had complete set of blocks & hurdles for warm ups and was monitored by security & helpful guards. The call room was huge with covered tents and signage of the races in proper order. Translators were available to all that needed help. Everything ran smoothly and very punctual. Water and local oranges were in surplus for all to have. Plastic bags were distributed to all for coverage of backpacks, sweats, etc. ( because of rain). Races were run, announcers on point and results posted on the big screen. Awards were immediately given with a certificate and medal promptly after the event.

The meet management did a great job giving the athletes an experience of a lifetime. Definitely excited to return to another International Meet in Japan!It was great to come from USA “in good-will to Japan”. Bringing ribbons, friendship pins & sportsmanship in our sport!

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November 5, 2017

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  1. Quick Silver - November 9, 2017

    It was indeed a well-organized affair after the foul-ups of last year’s championships. This was the first time I have seen high hurdles being run simultaneously on the front and back straightaways. I don’t suppose many stadiums have two photo-timers.

    Bad luck about the typhoon.

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