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American Masters T&F Classic in N.C. plans age-group tug-of-war

North Carolina-based Piedmont Pacers, a “running, track & field club,” has announced the “First Annual American Masters Track & Field Classic” on April 14, 2018, in Durham, North Carolina. The website logo calls it “American Masters Track & Field Championship,” but that’s probably an oversight. In any case, this has potential to fill a gap […]

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Heart attack claims M50 Irish star Joe Conway; lived in Texas

Ireland’s Joe Conway, a national class middle-distance who lived in Texas, died last month of a heart attack, we sadly learn. He was 50 and competed as recently as 2017 Baton Rouge nationals. A friend, Conor O’Driscoll, wrote me: “Joe was always great company at national masters meets. He will be missed.” A former media […]

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Spanish club offers ‘Holding Camp’ for Malaga-goers for $1,900

If you’re planning to attend Malaga worlds in September, tourism is probably part of your sked. So why is La Nova Sporting Club selling a masters sports camp at Alicante, Spain — four hours away? And who’s willing to cough up at least $1,900 for the privilege? Those are my questions upon reading the promo. […]

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