Historic marks: First M105 athlete is Poland’s Stanislaw Kowalski

Aside from the legend of Larry Lewis, the 106-year-old San Francisco waiter who supposedly ran exhibition sprints, we’ve never seen an M105 masters trackster. Until now. As expected, Stanislaw Kowalski of Poland competed after turning 105 in mid-April. The Polish track site shares details, including a records roundup at its masters nationals in Torun over the weekend. Italian statman Luigi Fasolato sent me word of Stan’s M105 records: Friday, Stan ran 100 in 34.50 (into the slightest wind) and threw the discus 7.50 meters (24-7 1/4). On Saturday, he put the shot 4.27 (14-0). Now it’s time for WMA to add a new row to the record books. Here’s Stan in May 2014:

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Italians wrongly claim WR in M50 400 relay at Diamond League

relay-errs-WRHere’s what happens when typos creep into the record books. The Eurovets website is reporting that an Italian M50 relay team lowered the world record in the 4-by-100 to 44.65. (The mark came June 4 at the IAAF Golden Gala in Rome, part of the Diamond League series.) However, World Masters Athletics erringly lists a WR of 44.77 by Frey, James, Fulton and Barnwell. In fact, Randy Frey, Ben James, Tony Fulton and Val Barnwell clocked 44.47 at the 2009 Penn Relays. USATF records and even a hobbyist blog confirm this mark. (A year later, after testing positive for PEDs at Lahti worlds, Val was handed a 2-year doping suspension. But the record was never expunged.) Here’s video of the real record:

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Doug Osland sets M60 decathlon AR in outsoaring a big field

Vault specialist Doug (at right) was on a 2011 medal stand with Bubba Sparks (left) and Gary Hunter.

Vaulter Doug (at right) was on a 2011 medal stand with Bubba Sparks (left) and Gary Hunter.

Masters decathletes are lucky to find competition in their age group, so Doug Osland was especially fortunate over the weekend in Texas. Ten entered the M60 decathlon at the USATF National Masters Combined Events Championships at UT San Antonio. Eight finished. And with a stellar 7638 points, Doug demolished the listed American record of 7287 by Emil Pawlik at 2003 Puerto Rico worlds. (The WR is 8123 by German vaulter Wolfgang Ritte in 2014). Doug’s marks were 13.12 for 100, 5.25 (17-2 3/4) in the long jump, 11.95 (39-2 1/2) in the shot, 1.61 (5-3 1/4) in the high jump and 64.72 in the 400 for Day 1. He ran the hurdles in 17.05, threw the discus 40.55 (133-0), vaulted 3.60 (11-9 3/4), threw the jav 35.49 (116-5) and gutted out a 1500 in 6:44.19. So that made four records — the WR heps by Rita and Christel and the equal-AR high jump by Christel. Forty-one men entered the dec, with 34 finishing — from M30 Ty Richert to M85 Jerry Donley. (See results here.) Doug isn’t entered in the Lyon dec. But he’s earned a rest. Congrats to all!

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Keith Bateman turns 60, turns eyes on basketful of world bests

Keith has cred in quest. He holds 5 outdoor WRs.

Shortly after Australia’s Keith Batemen turned 55, he announced his goals — five world age-group records. He delivered with WRs in the 1500 (4:12.35), mile (4:35.04), 3000 (8:56.80), 5000 (15:29.7) and 10,000 (31:51.86). Today (June 29) Keith turned 60, and in the run-up to aging up, he posted (on Facebook) his latest goals. Five more WRs! In my first major interview with Keith since 2010, he rates his chances as “extremely good” despite some medical issues. He’s not running at Lyon worlds, but says he will focus on open races in Sydney — where the kiddies will help with pacing. In recent weeks, he’s been in England with his new bride, Heidi — co-author of his running book “Older Yet Faster.” He’s also giving clinics on running technique­s and foot­ strengthening.

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Rita Hanscom, Christel Donley set heptathlon WRs at nationals

Christel and Rita share WR joy in Texas.

Christel and Rita share WR joy.

Rita Hanscom knew about the new W60 heptathlon record going into the USATF National Masters Combined Event Championships ending Sunday at the University of Texas San Antonio. And knowledge is power. She proceeded to blast a world record in the event, scoring 6043 points. (See results here.) The listed WR (with the 500g javelin) is 5458 by Germany’s Ulike Hiltscher. Rita set the W55 WR of 6057 at 2009 Lahti worlds (and derived IAAF Best Female Masters Athlete as a result). But wait! There’s more from Texas! At 80, Christel Donley of Colorado took down Johnnye Valien’s hep WR of 4623 at 2005 San Sebastian worlds. Christel scored 5375 by hurdling 25.52, high jumping 1.02/3-4 (which also ties the listed American record by Flo Meiler at 2014 Winston-Salem nationals), putting 7.09 (23-3 1/4), running 200 in 43.93 on Day 1 and long-jumping 2.22 (7-3 1/4), javelining 14.46 (47-5 1/4) and running 800 in 4:56.98 on Day 2. Rita’s marks were 14.18, 1.35 (4-5), 8.61 (28-3), 31.78, 4.24 (13-11), 27.48 (90-2) and 3:01.17.

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George Hanson wins 3K at open nationals; Lagat trails open 5K

George Hanson, 40, won his second major masters exhibition race this month when he outdueled some big names at the masters 3,000 exhibition at USATF open nationals. Two weeks ago, George won the Portland Track Festival masters mile in 4:34. Sunday, he clocked 8:50.96. Minutes earlier, another 40-year-old, Bernard Lagat, took a disappointing 10th in the open 5,000 in 13:59.48 (where his 3K split would have been about 8:24). A month ago, also at Eugene, Kip ran a WR 13:14.97, destroying the listed M40 American record of 14:00.09 by Kevin Castille in 2012. (The WR had been 13:43.15 by France’s Mohammed Ezzher in 2000.) But that tactical 5K saw Galen Rupp (13:51.44) trail Ryan Hill (13:50.69) and Benjamin True. So it was a bad day for the favorites. Amy Acuff, who turns 40 in two weeks, took third (at 1.88/6-2) in the open high jump but needs a 1.94 (6-4 1/4) to jump in Beijing. She has until about Aug. 10 to get the mark.

Mark Williams (getting iced) posted shot of Eugene men's field on FB.

Mark Williams (getting iced) posted shot of Eugene men’s field on Facebook.

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Sonja Friend-Uhl takes 3K at Eugene; look for a record in 2016

Sonja and her well-earned gold in Eugene.

Sonja and her well-earned gold.

Sonja Friend-Uhl won the women’s exhibition 3,000 meters Saturday morning at the USA open nationals in Eugene, Oregon. Her time of 9:48.16 was short of Carmen Troncoso’s W40 American record 9:27.45. but Sonja turns 45 in March and is a good bet to challenge the listed AR of 9:57.27 by Monica Joyce in 2004. (The listed W45 WR is 9:17.27 by freak-of-nature Yekatarina Podkopayeva.). In eighth was Lesley Chaplin, whose 11:45.05 at age 57 also was notable. The masters men’s exhibition, also a 3000, is Sunday, and the field is very deep. Down in SoCal, Kathy Bergen blasted a 34.32 to claim the W75 American record in the 200 (beating Irene Obera’s 34.82 at 2011 Sacramento worlds). Kathy also had near misses at 1.23 meters (4-0 1/2) in the high jump, hoping to raise her own world record. In the men’s HJ at the Chuck McMahon meet in San Marcos, 6-foot jumpers Pete Hlavin and Willie Banks both went 1.70 (5-7) but had a jumpoff to determine the M55 winner. Both missed fourth attempts at 1.75 (5-8 3/4) before Pete won at 1.70. (Willie turns 60 in March.) Mitchell Zarders, 56, also went 1.70. Photos and video to come.

Our classy field at Hayward Field (Photos via Sonja's Facebook page)

Our classy field at Hayward Field. (Photos via Sonja’s Facebook page)

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Will Anne Sluder be denied her W40 U.S. pentathlon record?

Anne was a volleyball MVP a few years ago.

Anne was a volleyball MVP a few years ago. Good jump training.

Results have been posted for the big Southeastern Masters meet June 19-20. They confirm that M70 Ty Brown ran the 80-meter hurdles (not the 100s as printed) in a world record 12.69 seconds. That crushed the listed WR of 12.96 by Germany’s Arno Hamaekers in 2010. But a question mark hangs over a potential W40 pentathlon record. Anne Sluder of Pineville, North Carolina, scored 3727 points, just short of the listed WR of 3960 by Britain’s Jenny Brown. But she broke a U.S. record tie she had with Caryl Senn at 3529. (Caryl scored that in 2002, Anne in 2014.) But a witness writes: “Three women were listed to compete, and the meet was a USATF regional championship, but the other two women scratched. Anne did the whole pentathlon by herself, and thus will probably lose her record” based on the rule that three contestants must have started. I’m not sure about this. I’ve written to several experts. But if Anne loses the record because she had no female competition, it’s the height of absurdity.

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‘Super-Nicole’ in France claims four W55 dash WRs in one month

The French athletics site calls W55 sprinter Nicole Alexis “Super-Nicole.” That’s apt. She became the oldest woman to go sub-13 in the 100 and sub-27 in the 200 with several recent marks, topped by 12.80 on June 20 and 26.52 on June 21. The listed W55 world records are Phil Raschker’s 13.30 from 2002 and Marie Mathieu’s 27.16 in 2013. Here’s American Joy Upshaw beating Nicole in the W50 200 at 2014 Budapest indoor worlds. Nicole was third. Only Merlene Ottey seems able to join Nicole under 13 and 27, and we haven’t heard from her in several years. (She turned 55 on May 10.)

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Oregon’s Harvey Lewellen hammers M85 world record in Portland

Harvey after another record in 2014.

Harvey after another record in 2014.

M85 Harvey Lewellen of the Oregon Track Club Masters claimed a world record in the 3-kilo hammer over the weekend with a throw of 33.18 meters — 108-10. It beat the listed WR of 32.64 by Finland’s Leo Saarinen in 2014. (The listed M85 AR is 32.20 or 105-7 by Robert Chase in 2006.) Harvey, who set a bunch of ARs six years ago, highlighted a bunch of world-class marks at the Portland Masters Track Classic of June 20-21 at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham. Hy-Tek results are here. But Linda Phillips, prez of PMTC, added men’s age group and women’s age group results. Bless her. Linda says temps were in the low 80s “with just a light breeze made for a wonderful two days of competition for the more than 220 athletes.”

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