Nobody is bidding to host 2018 masters outdoor nationals

Kiddies make good use of JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem, site of 2015 indoor nationals.

Kiddies make good use of JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem, site of 2015 indoor nationals.

Robert Thomas, the M45 quarter-miler out of Indiana, was quick to reply to a query Sunday. He writes that USATF masters have only have two bidders for 2018 indoor nationals — Winston Salem and Landover. But “no outdoor bidders this year,” he says. “So we will bid 2018 and 2019 outdoors next year in Orlando” at the USATF annual meeting. “I had Lexington, Kentucky, VERY interested in bidding for outdoor, but they had no facility in town suitable to accommodate our event.” Well, bummer. The annual meeting, this year in Houston, might consider new ways of recruiting bidders. How about preparing a pitch that any masters chair at any association can make to his colleagues? One- or no-bidder years are getting old.

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Sub-4 miler Anthony Whiteman looking forward to M45 in 2016

Tony bows to nobody.

Tony bows to nobody in masters miling.

Anthony Whiteman, the first outdoor sub-4 miler over 40, is profiled nicely in Athletics Weekly. He reveals his training habits and notes that he rarely runs roads slower than 6-minute-mile pace. Ruth Jones quotes Anthony: “I progress to the M45 age category in November next year. That’s my focus. I know my body better now. I don’t feel pressure to train if I don’t feel up to it for any reason. I certainly don’t beat myself up.” His all-time best at 1500 is 3:32.34, which makes him sixth-fastest in UK history. “I retired in 2004. I had absolutely no plans to return to running. But over the years, my overall fitness and body shape didn’t change much, so when I was presented with the challenge of a five-mile race in 2009 I accepted. I found I got fit quickly and won the race [the Owston Ferry 5, where he ran 25:40 as an M35] in a reasonable time.” Happy belated 44th birthday, Tony!

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Erin Taylor-Talcott, 37, is USATF Athlete of the Week for 50K walk

Hey, we’ll take it. Erin Taylor-Talcott doesn’t consider herself a masters walker. But she’s of the age. In the wake of her WR-eligible 50K walk Sunday near San Diego (which I wrote about), Erin has been named USATF Athlete of the Week. “Talcott (Oswego, New York), a long-time advocate for allowing women to compete at the traditionally male 50 km distance, completed the 31 miles in 5:03:34 at 9:47 pace in scorching 90-degree conditions to finish first among women and eighth overall,” USATF reports. Her mark is being submitted to IAAF for a newly eligible WR. Hope WMA notes the time as well.

Calvin Lau, a dentist in the L.A. area, captured Erin's form at sizzling 50K.

Dr. Calvin Lau, a dentist in the L.A. area, captured Erin’s form at sizzling 50K.

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Eurovets take M105 plunge, ratify first record in that age group

Wacław rights wrong.

Wacław rights an age-old wrong.

Remember my getting hot and bothered by the Japanese gent claiming an M105 world record in the 100? One problem is our governing bodies didn’t get around to recognizing Stanislaw Kowalski as the real WR man. Now they have. Well, at least the Eurovets. Our Polish correspondendent Janusz Nath shares a note from Wacław Krankowski, prez of Polish vets. Wacław writes, replying to my email of Sept. 23 about Stan’s 100 at June’s Polish Championships in Torun: “I’d like to inform that Mr Stanislaw ran 100 meters. The result of which has been was better than the World Record. The organizers did not submit it to the Guinness Book of Records, but in accordance with applicable EMA and WMA procedures, the needed files and protocol was sent to EMA Board. Yesterday we received from the EMA certificate which confirms that Stanislaw Kowalski set the new World Record. This result is not yet on the official website of World Records WMA, because so far the WMA authorities have not add to tables category M 105.” (Stan’s M105 discus record also is on the Eurovets books.)

Stan gets credit for M105 record and being the first in age group to have an official record.

Stan gets credit as the first in 105 age group to have an official record.

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Thanks to all our readers and lively commenters after 5,000 posts

Track and field turkey.

Track and field turkey could use spikes.

I’m thankful for my mom and dad (both living). They gave me skinny genes. I’m thankful for my wife, who supports my trackstar ambitions. I’m thankful for meet directors, USATF officials and my elite teammates in the Southern California Striders for treating me as an equal. (How elite? Candidates for the top award of the year included Kathy Bergen, Rita Hanscom, Damien Leake and Linda Cohn. Kathy won.) And certainly not least — y’all who read these self-indulgent posts and post thoughtful comments. (And cut me generous checks after a plea for support.) This year, I sped past the 5,000 mark. As of Wednesday, I’ve blogged 5,112 times and gotten 28,616 comments (and less than half are mine). Happy Thanksgiving, and see you at outdoor nationals!

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Awaiting first claimant of masters world record in the monkey run

Kenichi Ito has lowered his own world record in the 100 at age 32. You may not have heard of this Japanese gent because his event is running on all fours – monkey style. This month at Komazawa Olympic Park Athletic Field in Tokyo, he covered the distance in 15.71 seconds. “According to The Telegraph, Ito beat his own record of 15.86 seconds that he set the year before,” said one of many reports. So now I have a goal: never let the monkey run 100 get faster than my two-legged PR. Watch me take this back in about five years. Who will be first M35 to go hands and feet for 100 meters?

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New Zealand’s Rough is a diamond Down Under: two W75 NRs

Myrtle is a monster distance star.

Myrtle is a monster distance star.

Kiwi media report a couple New Zealand national records at the South Island champs over the weekend — all by W75 Myrtle Rough. She ran 1500 in 7:01.64 and 5000 in 26:04.40. By comparison, the American records in that age group are 6:41.88 by Jeanne Daprano and 26:55.11 by Mary Harada. The listed WRs are 6:34.22 and 24:03.90. “She also holds national records in the 3000m and 800m. Rough, one of 25 Otago athletes competing in Timaru, shattered a record in the 5000m, set by Ailsa Forbes in 1986.” It’ll be a long season for them, headed to Perth worlds.

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Winter track meets begin soon in San Diego. Sorry, frozen friends

So when will track and field gets its own iconic logo?

So when will track and field gets its own iconic logo?

Rick Reaser at San Diego State University reminds us that track season is eternal — at least in warmer climes. His annual Red and Black meet Saturday, Dec. 5, is masters-friendly and cheap. (Check out details here.) The SDSU meet is the first of three in the local USATF Winter Track Classic Series, with all-you-can-eat costs ranging from $5 to $10 (or $15 at last minute). Other meets are Saturday, Jan. 16, at Sweetwater High School in National City and Saturday, Feb. 13, at Mount Miguel High School in Spring Valley — both suburbs of San Diego. Seth Brower of Texas has some throwers-centric meets coming up as well. Of course, our winter-slammed friends in the East and Midwest will have indoor meets coming up as well. Hope you can shovel a path to the car.

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Update: M60 hurdler Hahn expects 2-year term after guilty plea

Bob Hahn displays hook 'em horns at 2014 North Carolina masters nationals.

Bob Hahn displays hook ’em horns at 2014 North Carolina masters nationals.

Bob Hahn, my longtime hurdler friend, once told his local paper that he’s two-dimensional. “I don’t hunt, fish, play golf — just insurance and track,” he said. Now I’m pained to say he has a third dimension: criminal fraudster. On Friday, I was shocked to learn that he had pleaded guilty in a case called 6:15-cr-00065-MHS-JDL All Defendants USA v. Hahn, filed the day before. He signed a plea agreement, which is sealed. But his admissions are public. (See the federal documents.) Bob, 64, was accused of taking $5.48 million from more than 90 people, telling them they’d get a 20 percent annual return. Federal documents say he paid out $4.07 million — with 31 realizing a net gain on their investment and 61 a net loss. His Ponzi scheme lasted eight years, ending in February 2015. The docs don’t say how he was caught. But he pleaded guilty to only two counts, meaning the feds had potentially dozens of other cases to cite. Alhtough the maximum prison term is 20 years, Bob told me in a phone call Sunday night, his lawyers expected a sentence of 22 to 25 months. A sentence date hasn’t been set. He ran at Jax nationals. Hope he can make comeback.

Bob signed his fate Oct. 30, but the news didn't come out until Friday.

Bob signed his fate Oct. 30, but the news didn’t come out until Friday.

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Jerry Bookin-Weiner wins David Pain Distinguished Service Award

Jerry (right) with George Matthews at 2008 Reno annual meeting.

Jerry (right) with former national chair George Matthews at 2008 Reno annual meeting.

Jerry Bookin-Weiner, national masters throws coordinator, has been named 2015 winner of the David Pain Distinguished Service Award. The USATF Masters Awards Committee (of which we are both members) made the selection in the past week or so. Jerry’s response: “I am humbled. Thank you all.” The honor was originally called Administrator of the Year Award, and that fits Jerry. But he’s also an active athlete who goes way beyond the call of duty by knowing all there is to know about the implements, specs and rules. And he shares his wisdom via his Throwers Circle column in National Masters News, where he tells the truth. No matter how it pains some. He once kept a blog, too. In his former day job (he retired in July), Jerry did higher-ed study-abroad stuff. He’s a Mideast expert. Y’all can fill in the many blanks of what he does for masters. Mazel tov to Jerry, who says he’s a candidate for USATF Masters T&F vice chairman in 2016.

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