Monster challenge: Eurovets building Top 10 lists in all age groups

Masters stat dudes in Europe are tackling a major chore — preparing all-time top 10 lists in each age group. Many events are missing, but they’re trying to do for Europe what heoically tried to do for the world. The Eurovets site details the efforts and urges folks to share their marks. “The idea of creating a table of the ’10 European Best Masters ever started in 2004,” we learn. “It was Ton Peters from the Netherlands who asked statisticians in Europe to send him names and results of all different age groups. Unfortunately Ton Peters passed away before he could finish the collection of all results. Bernd Rehpenning — the man who created the age factors for WMA during the last years – has started this project with new energy.” Bully for Bernd! Would be great to see a similar venture in the States.

Here's the M90 Top 10 list for the 100-meter dash. How does America compare?

Here’s the M90 Top 10 list for the 100-meter dash. How does America compare?

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5 million throws! Roald Bradstock joins ‘Believe It or Not’ ranks

Roald's meme of 5M.

Roald’s meme of 5 mil.

Before he died in 1999, Wilt Chamberlain, the world’s tallest track fan, claimed in his autobiography that he had made whoopee with 20,000 separate women. Statisticians analyzed the figures. Some found it plausible, but Wilt later hinted he’d slept with just 1,000 women. (Still, a huge number.) Now comes my masters javelin friend Roald Bradstock. No scandal, sorry. But he claims in his blog (co-written with wife Clarissa) that he’s made 5 million throws in his life. That’s mainly in practice. He writes: “Fortunately, in addition to my training journals as documentation and some magazine and newspaper articles, I have a lot of former teammates, coaches and friends that have witnessed my ‘excessive’ throwing sessions over the years. And thankfully some of them came to my rescue defending me on Facebook and testified that they had witnessed some of my extreme workouts.”

Clarissa and Roald at Track Town Pizza at 2008 Eugene Olympic Trials.

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6th M55 world record of 2015 for Anselm LeBourne: 800 in 2:02.16

Anselm tops the charts again.

Anselm tops the charts again.

Anselm LeBourne submitted a seed time of 1:59.9 for the 8 at Tuesday’s twilight meet at Randalls Island, New York, and it wasn’t a crazy stretch for a 56-year-old. In a Facebook posting that included a photo of the results board, we see Anselm ran 2:02.16 for his sixth world age-group record this year. The listed WR is 2:03.7 by South Africa’s Stan Immelman in 2001. Results should be here eventually. M40 national champ Peter Brady posted: “Ran my first race of the outdoor season tonight. Finished second in my heat in the 800m in 2:02.37. Went out around 58 for the first 400 and led until about 150 to go when Anselm LeBourne passed me on the way to setting the 55-59 age group world record. It’s never fun to fade and get passed towards the end of a race, but at least I was passed by a great runner who did something historic.” On the Age-Graded Tables, a 2:02.16 is worth an open time of 1:41.03! The real world record, of course, is the incredible 1:40.91 by Kenya’s David Rudisha.

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Selected results posted for India masters nationals in Dharamsala

If Google isn’t God, maybe Facebook is. At least that’s how I found some results from April’s 36th India masters nationals in the lower Himalayas. One of three masters federations events in India, the meet appears to be well-attended and run. Results were posted in the form of cellphone shots of printed results taped to a wall. Some Haryana club guy posted the pictures. In the meantime, still no results posted on the official site. But here’s a great race. Cheer for the short guy in yellow:

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Yank vs. Canucks for IAAF Beijing 800 title? LeBourne’s hands full

Paul and Mike race each other. Doug Smith photo

Paul and Mike push each other. Doug Smith photo

Canadian sources profile Paul Osland, a 1988 Seoul Olympian, and Mike Sherar, also with the University of Toronto Track Club, for the men’s 800 on August 29 at IAAF Beijing worlds. America’s own M55 star Anselm LeBourne will be in the mix — but against two 51-year-old runners. (Paul clocked a 2:04.7 in 2014, and Mike has a 2:01.06.) We also learn: “All Master athletes will be accredited in the same manner as the IAAF athletes. This will entitle them to use the official training sites, admission to the championships competition including seating in the reserved athletes stands during the championships and attend all social functions the IAAF athletes are entitled to.” Nice. But who will prevail in the masters exhibitions? How do the other entrants stack up?

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Happy birthday to Ida Keeling — 100-year-old set for sprint WRs

Ida Keeling, no stranger to these pages, turned 100 on May 5. Local TV station profiled her and posted a video. The Bronx sprinter ain’t stopping, we learn. “Now that Ida Keeling is in a new age bracket, she plans to compete in the 100+ category, break more records and earn even more medals and trophies,” the station said, and quoted Ida as saying: “Exercise is very good and is more like a medicine and a healer than a lot of medications because it keeps your body moving. It keeps you mentally strong as far as I feel.” Go, Ida, go! (My grandmother was Ida, too, so I have a conflict of interest.)

Ida Keeling has her pick of W100 records (all but throws held by the late Ruth Frith).

Ida has her pick of W100 records (all but throws held by the late Ruth Frith).

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C’mon in, Douglass Henderson! Water’s fine for old HS track stars

Doug back in 1974.

Doug Henderson back in 1974.

This breaks my heart. In a story profiling former high school track star Douglass Henderson, we learn he long-jumped 23-8 and triple-jumped nearly 49 feet. They remain Department of Defense Dependents Schools records in Europe. But as he looks back on those 1974 marks, he “paused to reflect on all he’s accomplished. He still thinks back to his athletic prime, and even entertains thoughts of competing again with USA Masters, an organization that stages track and field meets for adults. But he allows that he would ‘need a little bit of time’ to get into the necessary physical shape, and that’s a rare commodity at the professional level to which he’s ascended. ‘It’s crossed my mind,’ Henderson said. ‘I find myself sitting in the chair far too long during the day.'” Douglass is 59 now. He should know he’d be welcomed warmly and judged oh-so-lightly. Don’t hesitate, my friend. Let yourself go!

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So what about those free Nike unforms for Lyon-goers? Crickets!

LyonDeadlineFive months ago, I reported from the USATF Anaheim convention that Nike would foot the bill for Team USA unforms for Lyon worlds, whose entry deadline is June 2. Five weeks ago, I began sending out queries on the status of the free kits (as the Brits call them). The result? Crickets. Nobody knows. In recent days, I’ve been getting private email from athletes asking: How do I get my uniform? Wish I had an answer. Gary Snyder, our national masters chair, was gleeful in making the announcement in December. Now he’s AWOL on the issue. Perhaps he’s fighting a bureaucratic battle behind the scenes. Whatever. I’m now taking the issue up with the highest possible track and field authorities. I’m writing to Nike. Stay tuned.

Nike corporate headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon. Give us our unis!

Nike corporate headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon. Give us our unis, Phil!

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Bernard Lagat at 40 named USATF Athlete of the Week for 10K WR

Bernard Lagat ran an amazing 27:48 10K Sunday for a masters world road best. Even more amazing? USATF hadn’t named him Athlete of the Week this season until Wednesday. Here’s what USATF posted: “Bernard Lagat wins USATF Athlete of the Week after his outstanding performance at the Morrisons Great Manchester Run on Sunday, May 10 in Manchester, England. Lagat (Tucson), a seemingly ageless 40 years of age, set a masters world best in the road 10 km with his time of 27:48, surpassing the previous world best of 28:00.3 set by Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselassie in 2013 at age 41. He also broke the American masters record of 29:37, set by Steve Plasencia in 1998.”

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How about Portland, Oregon, hosting WMA indoor worlds in 2019?

Portland's green indoor track would be good for WMA as well.

Portland’s green indoor lanes would be good for WMA.

World Masters Athletics is seeking bidders for 2019 indoor worlds, saying: “Please note that bid applications for the … Indoor championship must be with the secretary by the 1st SEPTEMBER 2015. The bid application FORM, details of the Bidders Guidelines with the the main parts of the Contract may be found on the WMA website, (championships).” The 2017 indoor worlds are in Daegu City, South Korea. But the 2016 IAAF indoor worlds are in Portland, Oregon. So why not let the geezers run there as well? Get on it, USATF!

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