Distance stars Barton, Patton, Bruess set BIG American records

Laura Bruess also excels off the track (and roads).

Laura Bruess also excels off the track (and roads).

M50 Brad Barton of Utah smashed one of the oldest American records on the books over the weekend, clocking 4:05.41 for 1500 at the Portland Masters Track Classic in Oregon City. (See results here.) That beat the listed mark of 4:05.8 by Ray Hatton in 1982. At the USATF West Region Masters Championships, Gary Patton lowered the M70 AR in the mile to 5:35.03. (The listed record was 5:37.8 by Charles Rose in 2003.) In the 10,000 at the same Cerritos College meet, W55 Laura Bruess clocked 39:37.05, just beating Kathy Martin’s listed AR of 39:37.78 from 2007 Orono nationals. (See results here.) Also notable in Norwalk (Cerritos) was an M55 Canadian record in the mile. David Guss ran 4:49.94 to beat the listed Canuck record of 4:54.72 by Paul Reimer in 2010. Kudos to all.

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Adam Nelson vows to ‘fill void’ with meets, seminars for over-40s

Olympic champ Adam Nelson, aiming for his July 1 Olympic Trials shot event, is getting ambitious at 40. He’s starting a biz he calls Strong at 40 that will fill “the massive void of information and opportunities” for athletes over 40. Hoooo-kay! He’s promising to hold seminars and meets for fellow geezers — and also start “an amazing community.” Adam especially wants our money — seeking donations at tiers from $25 to $10,000. We wish him luck, even if he’s clueless about the masters and Senior Olympic circuits, National Masters News, decades of research, and serious clubs and coaching in older-adult T&F.

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Pete Taylor on last legs as USATF masters nationals announcer?

Pete (left) had help at 2014 masters nationals.

Pete Taylor, 71, has wisened since my last full-blown interview with him in 2002. He’s also been through several medical wringers. But Pete is always worth listening to — either as a meet announcer or masters observer — so here’s another Q&A. This time, I delve into his day job. And his boss at Palladian Partners graciously offered his thoughts as well. Robert “Rob” Wald, director of editorial services, told me: “People in the masters track and field world probably don’t know how multitalented Peter Taylor is. I’ve been in the health and science communications business for more than 20 years, and I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of editors. The simple truth is that Peter is the best editor I’ve ever run across.”

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High jumper Debbie Brill joins Canadian Masters Hall of Fame

Unlike USATF, which formally announces Masters Hall of Famers and Athletes of the Year in December, Canada’s top awards are revealed in June. So we’re happy to learn that Olympian and masters record-holder Debbie Brill (the real inventor of the Flop) is one Famer. (I met her at 1999 Gateshead worlds.) The other is Richard Graves, who died in February. He served for 20 years as a Canadian Masters Athletic Association leader. Awards will be presented at Canadian masters nationals Aug. 13 in Toronto.

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Deadline for lowest entry fee at nationals is 11:59 p.m. June 16

Champion Goldy hands off to Orville Rogers at 2014 nationals in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Starting Friday, entering Grand Rapids nationals will cost $50 more, so if you’re planning to compete in Michigan, now’s the time to enter here. The drop-dead deadline is 11:59 p.m. Eastern June 24. The oldest entrant so far is 99-year-old Champion Goldy Sr. — down for four throwing events and the 100. W95 Jeanette Baas, whose name is unfamiliar to me, is the oldest woman. She’s in the 100. It’s too soon to say the meet’s fields are anemic, but I suspect Perth worlds and the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver are bleeding Grand Rapids. Even so, Canada is sending some stars, including record-holders M85 Earl Fee and W60 Karla Del Grande. Among the most ambitious entrants are 91-year-old George Roudebush, paying for 11 events, and W60 Rita Hanscom, in nine.

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Thanks to Pete, Mary, Matt and Weia for help: 30K comments here!

Four months ago, we noted the 20th anniversary of this site. Today’s milestone boggles me even more: 30,000 comments. No. 30K was posted by Tracey Leah, a first-timer. She apparently lives in Melbourne and wrote to applaud fellow Aussie Stan Perkins, the WMA prez. Who posted the most comments? Wasn’t me! (Though I had 1,418.) The champ, of course, is announcer Peter Taylor at 1,761. Other elites are distancer Mary Harada (881), high jumper Weia Reinboud (544) and 800 guru Matt B (434). Y’all make a daily contribution and keep the site fresh and lively. My deepest thanks. (Feel free to show your appreciation for this platform with a PayPal donation or check. Write me at TrackCEO@aol.com, and I’ll share my address.)

Here's what I see on the backend of WordPress. Note the 4.1 million spam comments blocked.

Here’s backend of WordPress. Note the 4.1 million spam comments blocked.

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Despite pain in the neck, Ed Whitlock stays in WR mile shape

By the time you read this, Ed Whitlock may have lowered his Friday world record in the M85 mile. His 7:18.55 on a dirt track with no railing may not pass muster with record authorities. But in reply to a Q&A, Ed told me he was running a mile Sunday on all-weather track. So as we await his latest spectacular, let’s savor his first M85 mile mark.

M80 Ed lapped a USA runner at the finish of 1500 at 2011 Sacramento worlds.

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Kris Paaso pulverizes W45 American record in 3000 at Portland

Kris at another race.

Kris at another race.

Competing Saturday at the Portland Track Festival, W45 Kris Paaso won the women’s 3000 by 45 seconds and beat the listed American record by 12 seconds. Kris clocked 9:45.66. The old record was 9:57.27 by Monica Joyce in 2004. (The WR is 9:17.27 by Russian outlier Yekatarina Podkopayeva.) Joshua Gordon won the men’s masters mile Sunday in 4:35.04. Women’s race organizer Joanna Harper writes: “Kris led the race for all but the first lap, constantly clicking off 78-second laps on the cool, cloudy night that was nearly perfect for distance racing.” Kudos to Kris on her latest AR!

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Mike Powell vows to make Rio Olympics in long jump at age 52

Mike was in India last month.

Mike was in India last month, doing PR at a 10K.

When I checked in yesterday for the 100 at the San Diego USATF Open Championships, I asked the clerk: Is Mike Powell entered? She looked through her sheets and said: “I don’t see him.” Drat. I was hoping to watch the world record holder, at age 52, try to get a qualifying mark for the Olympic Trials. He says the current crop of elite long jumpers is “pathetic.” So why not him on the Rio team? According to a mid-May article out of India, Mike is aiming for an Olympic comeback: “I have watched these people jump at the World Championships last year and I know I can beat them,” he said. “No other sport has fallen behind the way the long jump has.” He also is quoted as saying: “I am the master of the long Jump, I am the Beethoven of the long jump. I am the Bach of the long jump. If they said they were coming back to write some music, you would not doubt them. Don’t doubt me. And the people who do doubt me, I say watch.” I say: When? He isn’t entered yet, says the status site.

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Ed Whitlock lowers M85 WR in the mile by 46 freaking seconds!

Friday night in Cambridge, Ontario, all-galaxy runner Ed Whitlock boggled minds again by running a mile in 7:18.55. He’s 85, folks! That obliterated the listed M85 world record of 8:04.7 by Germany’s Josef Galia in 1985. A Canadian running magazine reports: “Whitlock’s most recent record came at the historic Cambridge Classic Mile, an annual event that takes place on a crushed red clay track at Galt Collegiate in the southern Ontario city. The event is inspired by Roger Bannister’s sub-four mile which was run on May 6, 1954. … Whitlock was part of the 55-and-over race at the Cambridge Classic Mile, which began at 6:35 p.m. local time on Friday.” Nice run, Ed!

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