Results for Huntsman World Senior Games (except 3K, TJ, discus)

I see respectable marks out of the 30th Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah, but sadly none from 99-year-old Dan Bulkley of Oregon. Guess he scratched. The oldest entrant was M90 Al Box. But M80 sprinter Bobby Whilden of Texas ran a legal 100 in 14.89 — a half-second off Payton Jordan’s listed WR. I enjoyed reading the standing long jump results (because my mind says I can still go 10 feet). Scroll down this page for other track results. Canada’s Christa Bortignon, on cusp of W80, won seven of 14 contested events despite having had a bad case of pneumonia and an ischiofemoral impingement that kept her from training or competing since July.

Several days before turning  52, Steven Bunn took second in the 50 at Huntsman.

Steven Bunn posted this shot of 50 at Huntsman. James Birgans won in 6.60.

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Florida friends, be safe! Check in to let us know how you’re doing

Now is not the time to go for a wind-aided 100 PR in eastern Florida. Hurricane Matthew is blowing in, and folks in the evacuation zones have heard the warnings not to blow them off. I realize that the whole state isn’t at risk, but I still fear for our Gator geezer friends, including Joe Johnston, Gary Dixon, Dr. James Oglesby, Brian Hankerson, Bob Cahners, David Jones and Tom Sputo. Others have family in the at-risk areas. When you’re safe and dry, post a comment on your status.

Track training takes a back seat to safety this weekend. Let us know you are OK.

Training takes a back seat to safety this weekend. Let us know you are OK.

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Eurovets lead in masters track stats: Top 10 all-time lists updated

Bernd Rehpenning does masters stats.

Bernd Rehpenning does Euromasters stats.

Americans are dominant in masters track, but nobody holds a candle to Eurovets on masters stats. Latest evidence is the recently updated All-Time Top 10 Lists. Good example is 100 meters, which goes up to M105. (But only one deep in that age group.) And they keep trying to improve data, saying: “If better results or missing performances (detectable) were achieved, we ask them to send to the following email address:” Here’s how the system evolved: “The idea of creating a table of the ’10 European Best Masters ever’ started in 2004. It was Ton Peters from the Netherlands who asked statisticians in Europe to send him names and results of all different age groups. Unfortunately Ton Peters passed away before he could finish the collection of all results. Bernd Rehpenning — the man who created the age factors for WMA during the last years – has started this project with new energy. At the beginning the engine had problems to move but step by step it started to keep on going. Now Bernd Rehpenning has found his Style of collecting the results and put them in a new table that has been visible on EMA website since April 2015.” USATF Masters T&F could do the same. Just ask: Who wants to help?

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Masters compete in Greek cousin of Olympics — Nemean Games

Recollections are circulating about the mid-June Nemean Games, held at the site of the original Greek event. One is from M65 sprinter Larry Lettieri and another from a gent about the same age named Tony Diamantidis. Larry writes: “The site was one of the four original Olympic venues. Dug up over the past 20 or so years by archeologist Stephen Miller. Friends of ours are involved in the organization that supports his work, which is how we got involved. It’s held every 4 years as they do the Olympics. There were 1,500 runners in the 90M in the stadium. We ran in age groups. Somehow my back (ruptured disc in December) held up. The start is crazy. The ‘blocks’ are grooves cut in stone and there’s a starting rope that drops down in front of you when the ‘Go’ command (in Greek) is given.” The event was shot by “60 Minutes Sports” and may air soon. Tony posted his story on Facebook. A video shows him winning the 12-lane dirt race, barefoot and in toga. (At least they didn’t have to run nekkid.) So mark your calendars for 2020, your next chance for Nemean glory.

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18 Kenyans entered at Perth worlds: All but 1 in distance races

Joshua Pondo is a 6-time Kenyan national champion, specializing in the discus.

Joshua Pondo is a 6-time Kenyan national champion, specializing in the discus.

Four months ago, we noted the coming debut of Kenya at WMA worlds. Now I note 18 Kenyans entered at Perth. Only one — former national champ Joshua Pondo — is a field-eventer (in shot and discus). The rest will run cross-country, 10Ks, marathons or half-marathons. Lots of famous family (or clan) names, but I’m not sure these are former world-class: Benard K. Cheruiyot, Joshua Kipchumba, Jared Omwoyo Nyakoe, Yego Paul Kibet, Joseph Some Koskei, Truphosa Jemutai, John Njai, James Seurei Kiberenge, John Birgen, Philip Bitok Kimento, Francis Komu, John Sang, Paul Sang, Stephen Kihara, Joel Kipkemoi Kosegei, Stephen Kamande and Jared Omwoyo Nyakoe. Recognize any of these?

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India’s president honors M80 shot putter for senior achievements

President Pranab Mukherjee  makes M80 thrower's day.

President Pranab Mukherjee makes Gurjiwan’s day.

It’s not exactly like meeting President Obama, but an 84-year Indian shot putter won a national award Saturday from his country’s prez. The Tribune of India reported Monday: “Gurjiwan Singh Sidhu was awarded the National Award for senior citizens for his contribution in the field of sports by the President of India in New Delhi. … In his latest achievement, Sidhu won a gold medal in the shot put event of the National Masters Athletics Championship in Mysore. He threw the iron ball 10.13 metres in the 80+ category. He also won the silver medal in the discus throw event (20.27m) in the same age-group.” Of course, India’s prime minister holds the top job. But being feted by the president isn’t too shabby.

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Dan Bulkley at 99 set for another Huntsman World Senior Games

Dan has done cross-training with roller skis.

It’s about 830 miles from his home in southern Oregon to Snow Canyon High School in southern Utah. But Dan Bulkley knows the route well. Starting Monday, the Masters Hall of Famer will take part again in the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, celebrating its 30th year. At 99, Dan’s the oldest man. (The oldest female trackos are 93-year-old Eva Sorensen of Springfield, Virginia, and 91-year-old Dottie Gray of Kirkwood, Missouri.) Entrants at the three-day meet are listed here. But like the best masters events (Hartshorne Mile, etc.) the competition isn’t the only draw. “The Games is a total experience,” says CEO Kyle Case. “Each sport hosts an athlete social where the participants have an opportunity to have a great meal and create new friendships and renew old ones off the field of competition.” Dan will stay with the sprint tribe (50 and 100) and throws tribe (discus and javelin). But Al Box of Discovery Bay, California, is going for the Blue Plate Special — nine events. He’s an M90. Best of luck to all.

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W65 Weia Reinboud jumps from HJ to javelin world records

Last weekend, Holland’s Weia Reinboud added to her legend by throwing another W65 world record in the javelin. (See results here.) She noted that her 32.02 (105-0 1/2) was with the 500-gram stick, instead of the old 400-gram. “I am not very content with my technique in this throw,” she told me. Now she joins the late, great Olga Kotelko as having set high jump and jav WRs in the same age group. In 2015, when she turned 65, Weia had a shoulder injury, but still threw five national records. “The new world record W65 was 31.14 by my Czech friend Jarmila Klimešová. She has beaten me several times, but I was approaching her level. In Lyon I had gold. And my goal for this year became to give the world record a try. The third meet I succeeded: 31.79. And five meets later, I improved it a bit to 32.02. More to come? Yes!” Good for you, WR. Keep throwing your initials. Check out the slo-mo:

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IAAF boss Seb Coe enters M60 group, but says he won’t compete

Seb has cred. Why not run?

IAAF Prez Sebastian Coe turned 60 on Thursday, and Athletics Weekly tried to get him to say he’ll consider masters track. He didn’t take the bait. AW writes: “Having watched such incredible competition unfold in Rio, was there a small part of Coe that was itching to pull on the spikes again and be out there competing?” Seb says: “I do love running. That’s the one thing I will always do.” Then AW says: “Asked if he’s ever tempted back to the track, however, and the answer is unequivocal. ‘No. That’s an easy answer,’ he says. ‘I’ve often watched people, as they get older, running a good distance but actually if you’re not careful it can make you look like running on broken bottles after a few years. So actually maintaining stride length – and maintaining a few drills – is a good way of maintaining what I’ve got left in my knees and hip flexors!’” Would love to see him be a geezer track role model, though. Even if it hurts — and looks funny.

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Sprint star Darren Scott aiming to becoming decathlon world champ

Darren is good to go in the deca 100, 400 and maybe hurdles. The skill events will test him.

British M45 sprinter Darren Scott’s local paper reports that he’s looking to become a decathlete — and become world champ by the time he’s 50 in three years. The story says: “Scott is back on the gold trail after winning both the 100 metres and 200 metres races in the British Masters Athletics Federation Championships in Birmingham. The veteran fitness instructor at The Heath Leisure Suite in Runcorn is world, European and UK champion over 200 metres and has been undefeated for 11 years in his main event. Now the super sprinter has his sights set on further athletics glory as a decathlon competitor. The 47-year-old said: ‘The decathlon is a challenge I’ve always fancied competing in but I’ve never really trained for field events and have always concentrated on my running with sprint races being my number one priority. I’ve never pole vaulted in my life but went for a training session to see if I could achieve the opening height of two metres.’”

Here's a Tom Phillips triptych of Darren's deca at BMAF nationals.

Here’s a Tom Phillips triptych of Darren during his BMAF nationals decathlon.

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