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Lesley Hinz adds mile WR to Landover 800 WR with pacing help

In 1954, Chris Chataway and Chris Brasher helped pace Roger Bannister to the first sub-4 mile. On Tuesday night, M40 distance runner Craig Longhurst did his part for another mile record. Two days after setting a W60 world indoor record in the 800 at Landover nationals, Lesley Hinz clocked 5:43.75 at JDL Fast Track in […]

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Landover coverage one for the ages — and proof we’ve matured

My job is done. No, I’m not retiring my blog. I’m acknowledging it isn’t the paper-of-record anymore. While I reserve the right to muck-rake and rant, I’m no longer worried about the future of masters track being showcased and spotlighted by major and social media. This was driven home by the marvelous and all-pervasive coverage […]

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Orville Rogers begins record rampage with M100 WR at 400

I’m not at Landover nationals, which began Friday, but I’m there vicariously via photos posted by Rob Jerome and Dave Albo on Facebook. The expected first M100 WR came when Texan Orville Rogers became the first centenarian to run a 400-meter dash indoors. His time of 4:16.90 is now something other super seniors can shoot […]

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M50 British thrower gets 4-year ban for refusing drug test at home

David Burrell is no Roger Bannister. But in getting a four-year doping suspension from UK Athletics, he became a pioneer just the same. The 53-year-old thrower (specializing in javelin and discus) may be the first masters athlete sanctioned for refusing to take a surprise-visit urine test at his home. On Aug. 23, 2017, after getting […]

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Kim Collins, in final elite race, beats listed WR for M40 60 meters

Kim Collins ran 60 meters in 6.77 in the IAAF world indoor meet heats, then was a DNS in a semifinal won by kiddie WR man Christian Coleman. Now it seems Kim, at 41, is a DNS for life. He told reporters in Birmingham that he’s hanging up his spikes. “This is it. My last […]

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M100, W100 records should fall at Landover indoor nationals

MTF Communications’ latest preview of masters nationals notes: “Julia Hawkins, a 102-year-old champ hailing from Baton Rouge, will be the oldest competitor in history at any USATF national championship she will run the 60m. Retired pilot from Hubbard, Texas, Orville Rogers, 100, will be the oldest man to compete at the meet this year and […]

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My apologies to Anselm for overlooking his M55 indoor mile WRs

This is my semiannual apology for not going the extra mile. Although I always cite “listed record” in my WR reports, I should have checked an authoritative site on who really owns the M55 indoor mile best. My old friend Alan Sigmon reminds me that Guy Bracken isn’t the fastest M55 indoor miler, and Chris […]

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Yanks Bob Lida, Kathy Martin named WMA Athletes of the Year

M80 sprinter Bob Lida and W65 middle-distance star Kathy Martin on Monday were revealed as WMA Best Masters of 2017 — the first time two Americans have been honored as world athletes of the year at the same time. It’s the first time since 2010 (when Aussies Peter Crombie and Marie Kay were the winners) […]

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Germany’s Eva Trost zaps Alisa Harvey WR in W50 indoor 800

Eurovets report that Germany’s Eva Trost set a W50 world indoor record Feb. 10 in the 800 at Munich, clocking 2:16.73. But that’s not the most amazing thing. Eva ran in the same race as her daughter, Katharina, who timed 2:04.61. Eva’s time beats the listed WR of Alisa Harvey, who did 2:18.14 in 2016. […]

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Mt. SAC stadium lawsuits could spike 2020 Olympic Trials there

Southern California trackos, including moi, rejoiced last June when USATF chose Mt. SAC to host the 2020 Olympic Trials. But I’m not persuaded by USATF and college officials that Hilmer Lodge Stadium construction (after demolition) will be done in time. That’s thanks to reporting done by some geezer-codger with who thinks he can ask […]

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