American M50 hurdler Jeff Brower takes over as WMA webmaster

Talk about masters moles! America now has one at World Masters Athletics. National class M50 hurdler Jeff Brower has been named manager of the WMA website, replacing former Eurovets President Dieter Massin of Germany, who was the Karl Rove of masters track for his campaign support of WMA President Stan Perkins in his one-vote victory at Lahti in 2009. Jeff, a former USATF Masters T&F Committee secretary, has been webmaster at National Masters News and the USATF masters website. He’ll continue those roles, he says, while seeking other jobs. He writes: “I’d be happy to help others with similar needs, i.e., a website that needs maintenance, or perhaps they want to start a new website (perhaps USATF Association or TF Clubs). I can help them save money and avoid costly mistakes. I support dozens of websites worldwide, and enjoy helping people save money while putting the Internet to good use for their organization.”

Texan Jeff (in red) competed with the best at 2009 Oshkosh nationals.

A Jan. 21 posting announced Jeff’s job with WMA.

WMA Secretary Winston Thomas wrote:

You will have all noted that for some time we have had no news or updates on the WMA website. We had been trying to find someone to take over from Dieter Massin, and I am pleased to say that we now have a new web manager, Jeff Brower. Reach Jeff at worldmasterswebmaster (at symbol) Items for the site can now be sent to Jeff and we look forward to a new era with several new initiatives for the Masters community on the site.

Of course, I shot Jeff a quickie Q&A, and he graciously replied. How much is WMA paying you, if it all?

Jeff Brower: Payment arrangements are private.
How did the role come about?  Did you contact them, or did WMA contact you?

WMA contacted me and got the process going.  I had previously helped their South America and Africa websites get started.
What changes or improvements do you have in mind?

I’m performance minded, so many things I do are under the hood. I’ll simplify wherever possible and look at improving the performance of the site.  But regarding the look and feel of a website, I am the brush; the customer is the artist.
What’s your usual day job or career?  How much time will WMA take away from training and working?

I am a one-man show, doing websites, network and computer support.  The WMA site won’t affect my training or work routine. 

Are you doing this month-to-month, or is a longterm contract involved?

No contract; all work is as-needed. I suspect the WMA website work will come in waves at times.
Me again: One hopes that Jeff will use his influence to make the WMA website more athlete-centric in appearance, rather than showcase what the sainted WMA Council is doing. The site should host galleries, videos, meet schedules and celebrate our stars. It also should reach out to athletes (and not just affiliates) in deciding major issues, such as the weight of the women’s javelin.

In any case, Jeff can be reached at his website,, which also lists his customers.

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January 24, 2014

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