WMA replaces website design and manager Jeff Brower of USA

Here’s old WMA site as of Ides of March 2018.

Jeff Brower, webmaster of USATFMasters.org, is done managing the World Masters Athletics website. Last week, the site’s redesign debuted — more than four years after Jeff’s page replaced one led by former Eurovets President Dieter Massin of Germany. (See my January 2014 Q&A) The new site, using WordPress software (like my blog), is pretty spiffy — and much easier to update from the back end. I wrote to the new webmasters — Stewart Marshall and Sinara Lourdes Zorzo. They graciously responded to my queries. My favorite new feature is a graphic showing where site visitors are coming up.

Here’s Friday the 13th homepage of new WMA website. Click for introduction.

Here’s my quickie Q&A:

Masterstrack.com: Why the change? When did the change take effect?

Marshall and Zorzo: Over the past two years, the WMA has been looking to increase its visual representation and brand, moving forward with the ever growing market. The new site was launched on April 6 to coincide with the opening of the Malaga entries.

What happened to deal with Jeff Brower to maintain the site?

There are times throughout all services when new fresh blood and eyes are required that can provide a new look and feel and interactivity. Jeff is still involved with the WMA and presently manages the DNS records.

Where are you based? What are your backgrounds in Web and athletics?

Stewart is the Web Manager and all content and control of the website is through him. He is based in the UK and manages several websites including his own Masters Lifestyle and news site, and is in the M35 category. Sinara is part of the communications committee and is the assistant covering her region. Along with this she is assisting Stewart as site admin. She is based in Brazil and has been a long standing
associate of the WMA Council and ABRAM.

What other features are planned for WMA site?

Any new features are yet to be confirmed, but the aim of the site is to continue with its current position and be an easy format for our athletes around the world to access and use.As the site is now responsive and multilingual which the WMA greatly needed.

I like the geo-chart. What do you hope to learn from this tool?

The flag map is allowing us to identify where athletes from around the world access our site and where best to focus our attention in uplifting WMA awareness.

May I see the contract Stewart and Sinara have with WMA — or at least a summary of obligations?

No. Sorry any agreement is between Stewart and the WMA.

Anything else my readers should know about the site redesign?

Not really but it gives them a chance to give WMA Feedback

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April 13, 2018

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  1. Ken Stone - April 14, 2018

    Stew says he’s using the xMag pro theme (design) in WordPress:

  2. Peter L. Taylor - April 19, 2018

    Well, with Willie Gault scheduled to run next week at the Penn Relays I will go off the topic here and ask a question. I have tried for days to get to the WMA records website by going through the USATF website, but all my efforts have met with failure.

    I have tried alternative approaches to getting to the WMA records site, but those efforts have failed as well. Here’s my question: Does anyone know of a way of getting into the WMA records site that will work?

    Thank you.

    Peter Taylor*

    * Will be at Penn next week.

  3. Thad Wilson - April 19, 2018

    Try this link.



  4. Thad Wilson - April 19, 2018

    Indoor records are here.


  5. Ken Stone - April 19, 2018

    Willie Gault also is running the 100 at the Mt. SAC Relays on Friday (the meet being held at El Camino College during stadium renovation).

  6. Peter L. Taylor - April 19, 2018

    Thanks, Thad (no. 3). I had tried going directly to that site this morning and yesterday, but the site was misbehaving and I could find nothing.

    Lo and behold, I used your link to the outdoor record site this afternoon, and it worked. Thank you. Yes, Willie Gault does hold the M45, M50, and M55 world marks for BOTH the 100 and 200. Amazing.

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