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Canucks pipe up for their pick for Master of the Year

Doug Smith reports from Canada that his countrymen aren’t aboot to take the WMA picks for IAAF Masters of the Year quietly. Doug reports that masters champion Diane Palmason writes “to question the headline on the front page of the November 2006 issue (of National Masters News) with regard to Bill Collins being selected for […]

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Scariest event? It has to be Halloween Vault in Texas

The debate is over. Vaulters are crazier than hurdlers. In Texas, M50 vaultdude Doug “Bubba” Sparks sends details and history on the annual Halloween Vault, (Bubba is shown second from the right in the Aussie hat) which this year was held Saturday at The Woodlands High School near Houston. Bubba writes: “Our annual Halloween Vault […]

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Died and gone to heaven? No, you’re at NTCA confab

What would you call a convention that included talks by Brian Oldfield, Hal Connolly, John Godina, Mac Wilkins, Jay Silvester, Kate Schmidt, Maren Seidler, George Woods and Tom Petranoff? I’d call it Woodstock for Throwers. That’s just a partial lineup of speakers being advertised for the National Throws Coaches Association’s annual conference Nov. 10-12 at […]

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Willie Venable’s legacy: organs as precious gifts

One of the greatest tragedies for masters track this year has one of the noblest outcomes. M55 sprinter Willie Venable of Kent, Washington, the victim of a fatal attack one night in August, is living on, reports his Seattle friend Dave Ortman. Willie’s organs have been transplanted into a number of people. Dave shared a […]

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WMA Prez Beccalli replies on Neil Griffin doping case

No doubt about it. Cesare Beccalli of Italy/Brazil is a world-class politician. He can say a lot while saying nothing at all. I wrote him yesterday about the Neil Griffin case, asking him to comment on the assertions made by Chris Melluish. Cesare ignored the issues raised and said, “I do not have to make […]

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WMA negligence leads to Briton’s two-year dope ban

World Masters Athletics has some ‘splaining to do. Chris Melluish in Britain reports on my Forum that a teddy bear of an M55 thrower named Neil Griffin has been slapped with a two-year doping ban on the basis of some very questionable arguments. Now it’s clear: WMA would sooner kiss IAAF butt than be an […]

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Sacramento coach defends Charlotte nationals team

Randy Sturgeon, coach of Brooks Fleet Feet Racing in Sacramento, posted a comment on an old blog entry today that’s worth revisiting. His was the club that included Terri Lowe, the “walking hurdler” of Charlotte nationals fame. Randy started by apologizing for the delayed response. He said he’d been dealing with the death of his […]

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Introducing Mr. Gary Snyder, masters chair candidate

When I noted the candidacy of Gary Snyder for USATF masters T&F chair, I included the little I knew about him via Google search. Today Gary sent me a note that fills in the blanks. Since I’ve already afforded Joy Upshaw Margerum a chance to share her credentials, I’m giving Gary (and the others) a […]

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Posted image a hoax. USATF logo still a mystery

Whew! No Nike swoosh. We’ve been informed that the “new USATF logo” posted on the Track & Field News message board was a prank by a guy named Daisy. The real new USATF logo has not been seen online yet — and won’t be unveiled until the Indy convention. Apparently, it has several permutations, and […]

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Report: USATF is spiking popular “Superman” logo

Steve Vaitones of the New England Association of USATF has a disturbing revelation: USATF is ditching its current logo, the triangular one with Superman connotations. He made this report on the USATF Associations listserve on Yahoo Groups today. Under the subject line “3-2-1 Happy New Logo!” Steve writes: “Apparently no longer top secret but I […]

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