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USATF picks Jacksonville, FL, for 2015 masters outdoor nationals

The University of North Florida will host the USATF National Masters Outdoor Championships in July 2015, according to a delegate at the USATF annual meeting in Daytona. It was the only bidder, I hear. The 2015 masters indoor nationals will be at an independent facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, sometime in March, beating out Bloomington, […]

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Wall Street Journal calls ‘running too fast, too long’ a longevity risk

Oh my. Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal carried a story headlined, One Running Shoe in the Grave with the subhead: “New Studies on Older Endurance Athletes Suggest the Fittest Reap Few Health Benefits.” OK. So what’s the alternative? Die fat and slow? Actually, it’s die thin and slow, since exercise is still found to extend longevity. […]

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Should USATF archive masters TUEs the way it does proof of age?

A masters friend writes: “In a country where drug usage is rampant and almost anyone can get a doctor to write an exemption, it sure seems that an obvious extension of drug testing would be requiring athletes with TUEs [therapeutic use exemptions] to record their exemption with some coordinating body and that a list of […]

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Pete Magill’s next race: meeting deadline for new book manuscript

Pete Magill, who was scary fast at the L.A. Halloween Half Marathon last month, quickly replied to my queries afterward. But being the procrastinator webmaster, I didn’t post till today. But since this is a day of thanks, I share my gratitude for all the readers of this immodest blog and your eternal patience. Pete […]

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Jeanne Daprano is named USATF Masters Athlete of the Year

Bob Lida of Kansas may be the IAAF Best Male Masters Athlete of 2012, but USATF today announced that Jeanne Daprano of Georgia is USATF Masters Athlete of the Year. Different process. USATF says: “After establishing a total of five age-group world records in 2012, Jeanne Daprano (W75) has been named the Masters Track & […]

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Linda Cohn spears top award at Southern California Striders dinner

In any other club, Linda Cohn would be Athlete of the Year pretty much every year. But when you’re a member of the Southern California Striders — with legends such as Stan Whitley, Kathy Bergen, Rita Hanscom and Johnnye Valien — it’s hard to get noticed. But Linda had a great 2012 season, and her […]

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Dates set for track meet at National Senior Games: July 23-30

Back-to-back meets are in store for masters tracksters over 65 in 2013, with the National Senior Games track meet in Cleveland now officially set for July 23-30 (and July 31 if a rain date is needed). (See the all-sport sked.) That comes days after USATF masters nationals July 18-21 in Olathe, Kansas, not far from […]

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USATF to hear proposal to downgrade nationals shuttle-hurdle relay

Hurdlers should note a USATF rules proposal set for debate at Dayota Beach to downgrade (not drop, as I suggested earlier) the shuttle-hurdle relay at masters nationals: “Item 108 – Submitted by Gary Snyder, Chair Masters T&F. Amend Rule 331.1(b) as follows: ((Shuttle Hurdle Relay)) Reason: Remove as a championship event pending an event definition.” […]

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M70 called his shot and delivered: world record in triple jump

According to an Italian track site, Lamberto Boranga turned 70 in late October and declared he would set a world age-group record in the triple jump. So what happens? Saturday in San Marino, he claims the WR. Guess he knew his body. He reached 10.75 (35-3 1/4), beating the listed WR of 10.71 (35-1 3/4) […]

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Who says track season is over? San Diego’s still going strong

Former sub-4 miler Paul Greer, a true friend to masters track in San Diego, writes: “Provided is our 2013 Winter Track Classic Series Schedule along with four of the five flyers pertaining to the specific information regarding each of our track meets this winter. All of the provided information with respect to the events on […]

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