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Masters milers payday returns June 14 at Portland Track Festival

Portland’s Dave Clingan shares a reminder: “The Oregon Masters Mile will be held this year on June 14 at the Lewis & Clark College track in Portland, Oregon. The exact time of the mile race will be announced as soon as the meet schedule has been finalized. The Masters Mile is part of the Portland […]

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2 sprinters, 2 world records: M45 Darren Scott, M70 Kenton Brown

Darren Scott set an M45 world indoor record for 200 meters at the Eurovets meet last week in Torun, Poland. Kenton Brown set an M70 indoor WR in the 60 at Winston-Salem nationals. Through the magic of the interwebs, I scored interviews with both of them! (See below). Of Darren, we learn from the news: […]

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World records for M40, W80 at Carlsbad 5000: Lagat and Garrett

Everyone knows 3:54.9 masters miler Bernard Lagat. He sets an M40 record pretty much every time he steps on a track (or road). Now meet Anne Garrett, who set a world record in the road 5K Sunday. Wife and I were at the Carlsbad 5000, covering for Times of San Diego. (See our story and […]

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Amy Acuff jumps her height (6-2), secures spot in IAAF Beijing Trials

Five-time Olympian Amy Acuff, approaching her 40th birthday in July, is set to make a run for the IAAF Beijing world championships team after clearing 1.88 (6-2) Saturday at the Texas Relays. How confident was she after winning the event in her home state? She passed 1.91 and went straight for 1.94 (6-4 1/4). She […]

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Special treat: First 23 years of National Masters News are online

After 18 months, the dream of posting all early issues of National Masters News is realized. On Friday, I added the years 1986 through 1999 to the searchable PDF archive on See it here. (I also uploaded the missing issue of October 1984.) The homepage of our historical record features a dedication to NMN […]

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M50 star Roald Bradstock shows perfect form in standing javelin

M50 WR man Roald Bradstock handed his iPhone 6 to a Florida bystander this week and the result is below. He did a standing javelin throw. I wrote for details, and he graciously supplied some, including the distance, about 54 meters (or 177-2) with 800-gram spear). He adds: “In 2012, I threw 59.80m standing with […]

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All hail Stanislaw Kowalski — oldest track athlete in human history

John Whittemore was six weeks short of 105 when I saw him set an M100 javelin record in Santa Barbara in 2004. Until this week, I considered him the oldest track athlete in history. No more. Stanislaw Kowalski has set a new standard, taking M100 golds in at least three events at the European Masters […]

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Slam dunk for USATF Athlete of the Week: W80 Irene Obera

With no other major meet to distract USATF attention, the folks in Indy named Irene Obera as its Athlete of the Week “after her outstanding performance at the USATF Masters Indoor Championships Friday, March 20-22 at JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Obera (Fremont, California) set multiple records including two world records and three […]

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Masters athletics should join IAAF party with own world relays meet

Last year, the IAAF held its first World Relays Championships in the Bahamas. World Masters Athletics and national affiliates should follow suit. This could boost interest in our niche and give many more people a chance of setting a record — in many more events. This idea was sparked by a note Wednesday from world […]

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Yanks helped set turnout, meet records at Toronto nationals

A week before North Carolina nationals, the Maitres Canadiens held their two-day indoor nationals in Toronto. Their showing was 235, not exceptional by American standards but still “the largest turnout at a Masters Indoor event in Canadian history,” said CMA. It helped that at least a half-dozen south of the border types took part, including […]

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