$400 in prize money at New England USATF masters indoor meet

Mike Travers passes the word that the New England Masters Indoor Championships on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015, will be offering prize money! “Tentatively — best age-graded performance (male) $150 and 2nd place $50. Best age-graded performance (female) $150 and 2nd place $50.” Any entrant is eligible for the loot, not just New England USATF members, Mike says of the meet in Providence, Rhode Island, adding: “Feb. 1 is Super Bowl Sunday, [so] we will be moving the start times up earlier in the day to accommodate those who travel.” Entry forms are still to come. In the olden daze, prize money was frowned upon — and even got some masters banned. Now it’s a staple of road races. Glad it’s seeping into track meets as well.

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November 30, 2014

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  1. Matt B. - December 1, 2014

    Age performances should be separated into at least two if not three categories.
    Not a fan of comparing throws to a middle distance performance. I do applaud the prize $$ though.

  2. Ken Stone - February 5, 2015

    Results are here, Mike reports:

    He also says:

    Here is a follow up to our age graded prize money offered at the USATF New England Masters meet on Sunday Feb 1.

    Male: 1st Michael Kish(Nutley,NJ) M60 96.33% $150 60m 8.18
    2nd Roger Pierce(Essex,MA) M70 94.93% $50 60m 8.68

    Female: 1st Liz Palmer W50(Waltham,MA) 98.12% $150 60M 8.49
    2nd Sue McCarthy(S. Portland,ME) W50 93.30% $50 8.66

  3. Mary Harada - February 6, 2015

    USATF-NE leads the way!

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