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Olga Kotelko is winner of Canada’s inaugural Olga Kotelko Award

Canadian Masters Athletics has announced the winners of its 2014 Athletes of the Year awards. See formal announcement. Sprint great Karla Del Grande is the top trackster. But touching is the choice for top fieldster — Olga Kotelko, who died almost a year ago at age 95 after setting Budapest worlds afire. CMA has named […]

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Author’s TED Talk on Olga Kotelko keeps her legacy, lessons alive

Olga Kotelko, the late W95 superlegend, has been gone almost a year, but she’ll never be forgotten. Two days ago, Bruce Grierson’s TED talk on his book subject was posted on YouTube. He seems to go beyond what he wrote in “What Makes Olga Run?” by saying the key to her success had more to […]

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W85 Rachel Hanssens of Belgium may be next Olga Kotelko

Rachel Hanssens is no stranger to world records, but in the past two months, she’s outdone herself — and even the legendary Olga Kotelko. Belgium’s Rachel beat the listed Olga record in the throws pentathlon — twice. First was in early July and again (but lower score) at the Eurovets meet in Turkey. According to […]

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Olga Kotelko dies at 95; book fame followed years of world records

This hurts to write. Olga Kotelko is dead. I got the tragic news from her Canadian author friend Bruce Grierson on Tuesday afternoon: “A major blood vessel feeding Olga’s brain ruptured on Saturday night. Blood bled into brain tissue and caused severe swelling — technically it was an intracranial hemorrhage. She died this morning. Doctors […]

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Olga Kotelko went bonkers in Budapest (nine W95 world records)

In the 2010 movie “Herbstgold,” Italy’s Gabre Gabric is shown being peeved at Lahti worlds. She got beat in the W90 discus by Canada’s Olga Kotelko. But Olga stole the scene by comforting her rival and reminding her that, at 94, Gabre gave away a few years. Gabre got her revenge this week. In 10 […]

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Olga Kotelko story (and two other Ken Stone samples) need views

Sorry for the fire drill. If you have a moment, please check out three stories I wrote for I submitted them Thursday, and they amount to a tryout for this national news site. The more pageviews, the better my chances. Please share these links on Twitter and Facebook, and Pinterest and other social media. […]

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Olga Kotelko gets her 5 minutes of fame: Star turn on ‘Today’

NBC’s “Today” show aired its Olga Kotelko segment Friday morning — with great clips of her throwing the hammer, sharing her food faves (sauerkraut and pickled herring) and working out with host Natalie Morales. Bruce Grierson, author of “What Makes Olga Run?” is briefly interviewed. Olga tells Natalie her goal is to live to 120. […]

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Olga Kotelko video is on BBC: ‘I am what I am,’ W90 superstar says

What’s the most popular video subject on the BBC America website today? Japan? Libya? One-minute world news? Wrong on all counts. It’s Olga Kotelko, our W90 world-record superstar from British Columbia. She tells her story to freelancer Brandy Yanchyk. Olga is shown doing water training, weights and other stuff. Some of my photos from Lahti […]

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Olga Kotelko to star at Kamloops nationals — and in BBC profile

W90 superstar Olga Kotelko is competing this weekend at Canadian masters indoor nationals at Kamloops — site of last year’s indoor worlds. According to the local paper, Olga “is scheduled to compete in the 60, 200, 400, high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put and weight throw.” Whew! And she just turned 92. But […]

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NY Times tells Olga Kotelko’s secret: No decay in muscle chemistry

Olga Kotelko, the W90 phenom, is profiled in a stunningly well-researched article in the current New York Times Magazine. See it here. Near the end of Bruce Grierson’s report, we learn why Olga is able to set world records on a whim: “In October, the first of Kotelko’s muscle samples came back from the lab. […]

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