Book Review Week: Check out my takes on masters titles

Starting tomorrow, I’m reviewing seven books worthy of your attention — all relevant to masters track. Listed alphabetically by author, the titles are: “Second Wind: The Rise of the Ageless Athlete” by masters sprinter and newspaperman Lee Bergquist, “Masters Athletics: Social, Biological and Practical Aspects of Veterans Sport” by Krzystof Kusy and Jacek Zielinski, “The Ultimate High Jump Book” by masters jumper and coach Ron Lee, “Creating Amazement: The O’Meara Process at Work” by masters miler David O’Meara, “The Masters Athlete” by Peter Reaburn, “Periodized Sport Psychology: Building the Bulletproof Athlete” by Brian Risk and “Running on Third Wind” by longtime National Masters News columnist and masters runner Mike Tymn. I’ll roll these out in a different order, however. Once a day. I’ll be on vacation and may not have Internet access everywhere, so enjoy these reviews — written in advance. Some are new, some not so new. But all take masters track seriously.

Just in time for spring reading: Seven books of interest to masters.

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March 27, 2010

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  1. Bubba Sparks - March 27, 2010

    Please let us know how they go. Brian Risk is big in Pole Vault Canada and I hsve tremendous respect for him. He has spent some time at UC Irvine when I was there and I’ve run into him many other times so his book goes to the top of my “Hot List” Thanks Ken! Bubba

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