Carlo Thränhardt crushes legendary world record in high jump

Carlo is crazy good.

Dragutin Topic goes 7-5 3/4 at 41. Jamie Nieto goes 7-7 at 35. Now indoor specialist Carlo Thränhardt — aka the Jim Barrineau of Europe — has joined the 2012 record parade by clearing a WR 1.87 meters (6-1 1/2) Friday at the annual flopfest at Eberstadt, Germany. Oh, and did we mention Carlo is 55? The listed WR is the legendary 1.84 (6-0 1/2) by fellow German Thomas Zacharias in 2006. Jim writes about Carlo, his former rival, that 1.87 age-grades to 2.42 (7-11 1/4), Carlo’s real-life indoor PR. “For comparison, my 1.80 (the recent 5-10 3/4 American record) was worth 2.38 (7-9 3/4) and Bruce [McBarnette’s] 1.84 was worth 2.37 (7-9 1/4),” Jim writes.  For his part, Carlo is quoted as saying: “It was so hot like 23 years ago, only 50 centimeters lower, but the feeling was there again.”

Carlo exploded into masters high jump history with his 6-1 1/2 clearance.

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August 18, 2012

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  1. Jim Barrineau - August 19, 2012

    I have told people for a long time that muscle memory is not just a catch phrase. It is real. Carlo kept the engine running well into his 30’s with no major injuries and seems to have kept his weight down. It is no big surprise that he can re-emerge at this level and make an immediate impact on the event at 55. I hope this encourages other former world class athletes to participate.

  2. Henry - August 19, 2012

    “I hope this encourages other former world class athletes to participate.” and discourages the rest of us???

    No, just keeps us humble.

  3. Jim Barrineau - August 19, 2012

    Point taken, Henry, but If it is any consolation, most of the guys I compete with have age-graded marks far in excess of their life-time PRs. Mr. Thranhardt only matched his. I think a lot of former world class guys/gals don’t do masters because they are afraid of getting humbled by “the rest of us”.

  4. tb - August 19, 2012

    By the way, the article says it was 95 that day and the track surface was 140 degrees. Can’t imagine the landing pad was very comfortable.

  5. Matt McCubbins - August 20, 2012

    Wow, that IS a bit warm!! But I think the hotter the better for jumping….keeps our old muscles warm right?! I just got back from the NCCWMA-CMA meet in St. John, NB, Canada where it was raining and 63 degrees for our jump session. YUCK! Give me the heat any day! Lisle was nice and warm the week prior!

    Anyway, this is fantastic. So inspiring!! I only wish my muscles had something good to remember, LOL. I don’t have to worry about re-capturing old form since I’m still trying to acquire the proper technique now. That’s another reason I love to see the former world class guys in action – so I can witness proper execution.

  6. Milan Jamrich - August 20, 2012

    KUNTSEVICH Vladimir of Russia jumped a new WR in M60 at the Evacs meeting – 181 cm

  7. ventsi - August 20, 2012

    And Carl_Erik Sarndal (Sweden) jumped a new WR in M75 – 147 cm:

  8. Weia Reinboud - August 20, 2012

    Good days for the high jump!

  9. Henry - August 20, 2012

    Great days for the high jump, and to be able to participate, again!

    Congratulations to Jim, Carlo, Vladimir, and Carl_Erik!!!

  10. Jim Barrineau - August 20, 2012

    KUNTSEVICH took 13 jumps without a miss, THEN cleared 1.81 on his first jump. No misses until 1.83 (6 ft). Holy crap! I bow to you sir.

  11. Matt McCubbins - August 20, 2012

    Jim, could Kuntsevich’s performance inspire you to switch to straddle? :-).

  12. Ken Stone - August 22, 2012

    Think of a geezer duffer playing a round with Jack Nicklaus or a weekend hoopster playing HORSE with Magic Johnson. That’s what masters track affords us when the former elites come to play. Never happens in other sports. But check out the guy in the next lane. Might be an Olympian!

  13. grant lamothe - August 22, 2012

    Ken’s so right on his previous comment (#12). Even in my humble masters trackster career, I’ve raced in the same heat with an Olympian on three different occasion and have competed in the same heat or flight with an ex-olympian numerous times. And gotten to meet and interact with so many elite or formerly-elite track and field athletes. Sure could never do that in baseball, football, basketball, soccer or hockey.

  14. Thomas Zacharias - April 12, 2013

    Hey, guys! I stumbled on this site by incidence. Let’s say: because of Don Pellmanns uncredible marks. And here I find what I miss in germans T&F-sites: Comments of protagonists! Hallo Jim! Nice to meet you again. How are you doing? I started training in January after 5 years of rest. It’s horrible and painful for my poor muscles and joints. Fell down from 1m58 to 1m25 and came up just in time for indoor ECh in San Sebastian. Now I hope for a good summer season with some mark to celebrate. Good stuff here about encouragements. We all need it.

  15. Thomas Zacharias - February 10, 2017

    Meanwhile Carlo has jumped 1m90. I guess you all know.

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