Carol Lafayette-Boyd eyes more records: Toronto 2017 and 2020

Ray Nixdorf’s recent shot of Carol raises Q: She’s older than 30?

If you’re a W75 sprinter or horizontal jumper set for WMA regionals in Toronto, better get cracking’ on your training. Carol Lafayette-Boyd is coming. The new claimant to five world records says she’s planning to compete at that August meet, telling me: “I will be there. I am taking my granddaughter home to Ontario at that time, and I have family in Toronto.” So the resident of Regina, Saskatchewan, is indeed in play for WMA Female Athlete of the Year. I wrote her after her stunning outing last weekend, and she graciously replied. The biggest revelation was how considerate of others she was in not taking her full complement of jumps — because of the time officials needed to measure her records. (Don’t be so unselfish at Toronto, Carol. Take all your jumps.) I asked her: Any events in which you think you could have done better? “I plan to do better in all three jumps in Toronto,” she replied. Well, that answers that.

My quickie Q&A with Super Carol: What was the chronology of your meet — how many minutes or hours between each event?

Carol enjoys the long jump, but she’s too fast for the camera!

Carol: The 50-meter dash and long jump were at the same time – Saturday, June 10, at 1 p.m. I ran the 50 and then went immediately to the jump pit – I had already measured [my step] a half-hour before. I was able to take two jumps. The first was actually 3.58 (11-9), I think. (3.81 was my seed mark). They were waiting for the men to run the 50. My second jump was 3.85 (12-7 1/2) and because the officials had to stop, remeasure and call the field referee, I passed the rest. Hope to jump better in Toronto. So I was finished by 1:30. I then ran the 100 at 4:25 p.m.

On Sunday, the 11th, I high jumped at 11:50 a.m. I took three jumps (1.13. 1.18 and on third I jumped 1.23 (4-0 1/2) Then [came] the wait for field referee and remeasure, so I stopped as there were a lot of others to compete, plus wind and sometimes rain were not nice. I ran 200 at 2 p.m. and jumped triple, which was running late at about 3:15. My first jump was good 8.19 (26-10 1/2), so finished as I had papers to sign.

Did you expect any of the records?

Yes, I expected long jump and maybe the 100.

Which ones were the biggest surprises?

The biggest surprise was triple jump as I last jumped 6.66 meters (21-10 1/4) in May.

Who is on your support team — club, coach, physical therapists?

My club is Excel Athletika – an amazing club of Pee Wee to Masters. Coaches are headed by Olympic Coach Carla Nicholls and a team of other volunteer coaches challenge all of us to do our best. We masters train with the Midgets, Youth, Juniors and Seniors and they have been “killer workouts.”

They do let Selina [Coward] and I, who are over 60, maybe run one or two fewer [reps] than the others. There are five males and five female masters at this time with about 30 of the young people in our group. We are divided by jumps, sprints and 400s plus. My massage therapist is trained in Shiatsu and I visit him two days before an event.

Any other events you do? Any other records on your radar?

No other events. Would like to break 100 and jumps records.

What’s your favorite event?

Probably the 100 – it is shortest — and then long jump.

What are your all-time bests in athletics — going back to your youth? (Although I read you started at 50.)

I was good at long jump (called broad jump in my day, but there was always someone who was better). My best was Italy in 2007 when I jumped 4.47 (14-8) and won 100 and 200 against Nadine O’Connor, who was world record holder and a total amazing athlete. (I think she was tired as she had done the pentathlon, I believe). If she was still competing, I would still be chasing her.

How many world records have you set in masters, all told? How many WMA world titles?

I had the 200 W65 for about two weeks in June 2007 before Nadine O’Conner took it. I had indoors W65 long jump and 60 meters in 2010 for a short time. As of last week, I still had W70 indoors long jump and triple jump and outdoors long jump.

Do you expect to compete at 2020 Toronto worlds — and beyond?

Will definitely be in Toronto. Maybe Spain next year.

How do you train, and how often?

Three times per week – Monday and Wednesday – about two hours each from warmup to cool down and same on Saturday morning. Try weights at least two times per week at home. Sometimes do deep-water conditioning if time permits.

What motivates you to continue in athletics at such a high level?

Staying healthy and fit.

Anything else people should know about your track career?

Started at 50. Ran the 100 in 15.17 and 200 in 32.72 at Canadian Masters Games for first gold medals in July 1992. Twenty-five years later with amazing coaches and fellow athletes in June 2017, I ran the 100 in 15.15 and the 200 in 32.83. There is hope for all of us.

I thank God for my ability and the opportunity to participate in this fun sport, and I trust God I will be competing for years to come.

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June 14, 2017

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