Crombie leads results at Australian masters nationals outdoors

Peter (left) battles Stan Whitley at 2011 Sacto worlds.

Peter (left) battles Stan Whitley at 2011 Sacramento worlds.

It’s the end of fall Down Under, and the Aussies started their masters nationals Saturday in the south. The meet ends Tuesday, and the first day’s results have been posted. Track results are separate from field results. The legendary Peter Crombie, now in M70, won the 100 with a 13.89 into a 3 mps wind. So he’s in the running for several annual awards at AMA nationals: “AMA provides a number of awards annually for outstanding performances at the Australian National Championships. These include the Royce Foley award for the highest score in the men’s and women’s Throws Pentathlon competitions; the men’s and women’s Sprint Champion of Champion; the Throws Champion of Champion event and the Brian Foley award. Best Age Graded Performances achieved during the meet are also acknowledged.” Something the Yanks might want to emulate?

Peter’s race:

Event 125 M70 100 Metre
Name Age Team Finals Wind Age-Grading Points
1 7007 Crombie, P M NSW 13.89 -3.0 10.81 90.57%
2 7021 McIntyre, N M NSW 14.33 -3.0 11.16 87.79%
3 7047 Wight, J M QLD 14.90 -3.0 11.60 84.43%
4 7037 schwarz, b M SA 16.28 -3.0 12.67 77.27%
5 7006 Bunin, P M QLD 17.42 -3.0 13.56 72.22%

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April 17, 2016

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