Eurovets president, secretary accused of drug-positive cover-up

Portugal’s Helena stands accused of sweeping drug case under the rug.

How could M50 Ukrainian high jumper Oleg Kramar compete at 2016 outdoor and 2017 indoor worlds despite having tested positive for banned stuff at the EMA indoor championships March 29-April 3, 2016? A European wondered the same. This person tapped contacts at IAAF and FIDAL (the Italian track federation) as well as EMA leakers to learn something stunning. Oleg was never told about the drug-positive. The folks in charge of the Ancona indoor meet, where Oleg was found with Stanozolol in his system, covered up the test for months. “The doping delegate of EMA was [Portugal’s] Helena Maria da Silva Pires de Carvalho at the same time she was indoor manager in Ancona and EMA secretary,” this source told me, noting that “at the end of May, the [NADO testing] laboratory [had] sent out a list with all sample codes. These sample codes are in the hand of the doping delegate, in this case … Helena Carvalho. The doping delegate must act if there is a positive case.” My source went on: “The main responsible person in Ancona was Kurt Kaschke, president of EMA. … In one sentence: Helena … did a small part of her duties and forgot to inform IAAF as well as the Ukrainian federation about the case.” My source also noted controversies over the new EMA Constitution at the July-August 2017 European masters outdoor meet in Aarhus, Denmark (where Oleg also jumped).

My source continued:

In the moment when IAAF got the information about the Kramar case, IAAF punished him. IAAF could not do it earlier because of missing information.

The same is to say to WMA. WMA could not act because nothing was known. Therefore the publication and the ban happened 21 months after the test. UNBELIEVABLE.

Conclusion: We all know that positive doping cases are always delicate. However, it is the strict duty of international and national organizations like EMA to [keep] safe the other athletes, too.

Now [Oleg] has to return all the medals won. But this is too late and it is only caused by an inability and negligence by two overwhelmed and incapable persons, — Kurt Kaschke the travel king and Helena Carvalho the carpet cleaner.


I’m writing to Kurt and Helen for their response. Stay tuned.

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January 9, 2018

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  1. Lesley Richardson - January 9, 2018

    Cases like this can be avoided if anti doping control experts would be at the helm of test planning and results management for EMA. It’s crucial we implement this immediately.

  2. Stew - January 10, 2018

    Great piece Ken

    I believe Doping Control and Reporting should be independent at these events!

  3. Anthony Treacher - January 10, 2018

    EMA did not report the case of the 13 Russians competing at Pärnu, Estonia 12-13 August 2017 to the IAAF either.

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