How I fared on San Diego TV, using the M-word in political chat

“How dare he insert masters track into a political discussion!” That’s something nobody said Friday after my appearance on San Diego’s public radio-TV station. In my debut on the KPBS Roundtable, a weekly show featuring local journalists discussing current events, I defended the idea of 84-year-old Dianne Feinstein running for a sixth term in the U.S. Senate. I actually cited the example of 100-year-old Don Pellmann and his record-setting Senior Olympics outing two years ago. In any case, I was there to discuss my two-part series on a 25-year-old church secretary appointed to the La Mesa-Spring Valley school board despite having little contact with public schools. (Her main advantage over her deeply experienced rivals? She’s a Republican. The folks she beat were Democrats. Conservatives dominate the board.) My segment is at the end.

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October 13, 2017

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  1. Ken Stone - October 13, 2017

    The video above cuts out at some point.

    Here’s an uninterrupted version. My part starts at 18:20 into show:

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