Final Perth report from Bob Weiner, Gary Snyder, Mary Trotto

Aside from a DNF in the 1500, Bob Weiner had a good worlds. He beat his archrival Doug “Shaggy” Smith in the M65 steeplechase and got lots of attention for Team USA via his Masters Media Committee. His final summary is posted on USATF. Mary Trotto compiled medal winners. Gary Snyder, our outgoing national chair, was quoted as saying: “Great meet. Amazing facilities, top quality. Well organized by WMA and Perth.” Man of few words.

Bob Weiner beat Canada's Doug

Bob Weiner beat Canada’s Doug “Shaggy” Smith in the M65 2K steeple by 9 seconds. Photo by Rob Jerome

Here’s the medal count and USA medalists.

Medals 70G, 47S, 51B TOTAL 168

W90 Shirley Dietderich 100m Gold
Shirley Dietderich Javelin Gold
Shirley Dietderich Discus Gold
Shirley Dietderich Shot Gold
W80 Irene Obera 100m Gold (holds current WR)
Irene Obera Hept. Gold World Record; also WR in SH
Irene Obera 200m Gold
Irene Obera 200mLH Gold
Irene Obera SH Gold World Record
Irene Obera Long Jump Gold
Irene Obera Triple J Silver
Irene Obera High J Bronze
W80 Christel Donley Triple Jump Gold
Christel Donley Hept. Silver
Christel Donley Javelin Silver
Christel Donley High J Silver
Christel Donley SH Silver
Christel Donley Shot Bronze
W80 Mary Harada XC 8K Gold
Mary Harada 800m Bronze
W80 Mary Roman Weight Gold
Mary Roman Shot Silver
Mary Roman Throw Pent. Silver
Mary Roman Javelin Bronze
Mary Roman Discus Bronze
W80 Jeanne Daprano 800m Gold
Jeanne Daprano 1500m Gold
Jeanne Daprano 400m Silver
Jeanne Daprano 100m Bronze
Jeanne Daprano 200m Bronze
W75 Kathy Bergen 100m Gold (holds current WR)
Kathy Bergen 200m Gold
Kathy Bergen High Jump Gold (ties World Record)
W65 Kathy Martin XC 8k Gold
Kathy Martin 5000m Gold World Record
Kathy Martin 2000mSC Gold World Record
Kathy Martin 10000m Gold American Record
Kathy Martin 800m Silver WR surpassed by Harvey
Kathy Martin 1500m Silver
W65 Sabra Harvey 800m Gold World Record
Sabra Harvey 1500m Gold
Sabra Harvey 5000m Silver
W55 Lorraine Jasper 800m Gold
Lorraine Jasper 1500m Silver American Record
Lorraine Jasper 400m Silver
W55 Joy Upshaw 300mLH Gold
Joy Upshaw Short Hurdles Gold
Joy Upshaw Long Jump Gold
W50 Cheryl Bellaire 2000mSC Gold
W50 Menka Scott Short Hurdles Gold
Menka Scott Long Jump Bronze
W45 Emma McGowen 100m Gold
Emma McGowan 200m Gold
W40 Kristy Harris Pole Vault Gold
W40 LaTricia Dendy 400m Gold
LaTricia Dendy 200m Silver
W40 Rachel Guest Short Hurdles Gold American Record
Rachel Guest Hept. Silver
W35 Andraea Allen 400m Gold

M85 Dave Douglass Weight Gold
Dave Douglass Javelin Gold
Dave Douglass Discus Silver
Dave Douglass Hammer Bronze
Dave Douglass Shot Bronze
M80 Robert Cozens 200m Gold
Robert Cozens 400m Gold
Robert Cozens 100 Bronze
M75 Roger Busch Discus Gold
M70 Bill Harvey Discus Gold
Bill Harvey Shot Gold
M70 David Montieth High Jump Gold
M70 Noel Haynes 800m Gold
Noel Haynes 400m Bronze
M65 Bill Collins 100m Gold (World best, excess wind)
Bill Collins 200m Gold
M65 Peter Mullin 5000m Gold
M60 George Haywood 300mLH Gold
M60 Ralph Fruguglietti Discus Gold
M60 Noel Ruebel Deca Gold
M60 Quentin Torbert Shot Gold
M55 Steve Campbell Pole Vault Gold
M55 Don McGee 100m Gold
Don McGee 200m Gold
M55 Corey Moody 400m Gold
M45 Karnell Vickers 100m Gold
Karnell Vickers 400LH Gold
M45 Miles Smith 1500m Gold
M45 Mark Gomes 400m Gold
M40 Antwon Dussett 400m Gold
M40 Jacques Sallberg 3000mSC Gold

W55 Carol Finsrud Weight Silver
Carol Finsrud Shot Silver
Carol Finsrud Throw Pent Silver
Carol Finsrud Hammer Bronze
Carol Finsrud Discus Bronze
W45 Kimberly Lindner Shot Silver
Kimberly Lindner Throw Pent Silver
Kimberly Lindner Discus Bronze
W45 Lisa Daley 400mLH Silver
Lisa Daley 400m Bronze

M70 Norman Frable 5000 Walk Silver
M65 Buzz Gagne Javelin Silver
M55 Kenneth Thomas Deca Silver
M55 Steve Gettel Shot Silver
M55 Troy Dietz Javelin Silver
M55 Anton Eugene Short Hurdle Silver
M50 Landon Summay 800m Silver
M50 Clinton Aurelien 100m Silver
M50 Robert Thomas 200m Silver
Robert Thomas 400m Silver
M50 Dennis Clayton Javelin Silver
M40 Jason Melton Triple Silver
M35 Terry Halley Javelin Silver
M35 Mike Sullivan Long Jump Silver
M35 Richard White High Jump Silver

W70 Kathleen Frable 5000 Walk Bronze
W65 Marianne Martino 5000 Walk Bronze
W55 Tamara Alegria-Dybuig Javelin Bronze
W45 Christene Gentile 800m Bronze
W40 Elizabeth Teague Weight Bronze
W40 Susan Randall 5000 Walk Bronze
W35 Lisa Edwards 400mLH Bronze
W35 Andraea Allen 200m Bronze

M85 Jerry Donley Pole Vault Bronze
M75 John Sparks Decathlon Bronze
M70 Gary Patton 800m Bronze
Gary Patton 5000m Bronze
Gary Patton 1500m Bronze
M60 Joseph Myers Shot Bronze
M60 Thomas Nielson Javelin Bronze
M55 Reggie Garner 400mLH Bronze
M55 Thomas Foley High Jump Bronze
M50 David Swarts 5000 Walk Bronze
M45 Stefan Petersson Javelin Bronze
M45 Reggie Pendland 100m Bronze
M45 Ralph O’Neal High Jump Bronze
M40 Jefferson Souza Decathlon Bronze
M40 Antwon Dussett 200m Bronze
M35 Sean Burnett 200m Bronze

W50 BRONZE MEDAL: Laura Stuart, Julie Pungburn, Betsy Stewart
W40 BRONZE MEDAL: Jenny Newton, Latashia Key, Julie Stutzman Faulkner

4 X 100m
Gold: Women
W35 Andraea Allen, Latisha Anderson-Short, LaTisha Moulds, LaTricia Dendy
W80 Mary Roman, Christel Donley, Jeanne Daprano, Irene Obera
Silver: Women
W40 Lisa Daley, Maurelhena Walles, Christene Gentile, Cynthia McNamara
W50 Karen Maxwell, Diane Pierce, Menka Scott, Joy Upshaw
Bronze: Women
W50 Cheryl Bellaire, Donna Zukas, Karen Maxwell, Lorraine Jasper
4 X 100m
Gold: Men
M50 Don McGee, William Yelverton, Robert Thomas, Clinton Aurelein
Silver: Men
M35 Keith Chambers, Mark Gomes, Antwon Dussett, Sean Burnett
M45 John Conner, Gavin Thorne, Karnell Vickers, Derek Pye
Bronze: Men
M55 Reggie Gardner, Michael Radiff, Eugene Aston, Jeff Brower
M60 Kevin Marbury, George Haywood, Michael Radiff, Bill Collins
4 X 400m
Gold: Women
W35 Rachel Guest, Andraea Allen, Lisa Edwards, LaTricia Dendy
W80 Mary Horada, Christel Donley, Jeannie Daprano, Irene Obera: New WR
Silver: Women
W55 Cheryl Bellaire, Joy Upshaw, Karen Maxwell, Lorraine Jasper
Bronze: Women
W65 Kathy Martin, Mary Trotto, Sabra Harvey, Coreen Steinbach New AR
4 X 400m
Gold: Men
M50 Clinton Aurelein, Landon Summay, Terry Parks, Robert Thomas
Silver: Men
M35 Kieth Chambers, Sean Barnett, Jason Rhodes, Antwon Dussett
Bronze: Men
M55 Reggie Gardner, George Haywood, Bill Yelverton, Kevin Marbury

Medals Data compiled by Dr. Mary Trotto, Awards Chair – MTF of USATF.
Team Medals Total and official results from Jade Just, WMA Communications, and Sandy Pashkin, WMA senior records official and Area Representative.

For event results with places, names, age, and times see:

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November 9, 2016

5 Responses

  1. Cheryl - November 11, 2016

    FYI I am W55

  2. Ken Stone - November 11, 2016

    FYI: Cheryl will never LOOK 55.

  3. Shaaron Sellars - November 18, 2016

    Thanks for the list of medal winners from Perth. Clayton Dennis won silver in the M50 javelin. To this day, he laughs and says “Thanks, Mom and Dad. People still want to call me Dennis Clayton.”

  4. Christine Gentile - November 28, 2016

    Hi Ken,

    This information which was supplied to you is not the updated final medal count. The meet website list the final medal count as:

    U.S. Golds 74 and Total U.S. medals as 181.

    Exact link at:

    Also, I have never run a 4x100m relay in my life and at the age of 46 I don’t think I will start.
    The silver medal W40 4x100m team listed here in the medal results was actually our W40 4x400m silver medal team.

    Lastly, thought after I corrected my name at registration on the first day of the meet that the misspelling wouldn’t follow all the way back to American soil weeks later….ugh!! Christine not Chrestine! Don’t feel too bad Clayton 🙂

    The WMA meet in Perth was well-organized and they utilized top facilities. However, the announcer was extremely unprofessional and very rude to some athletes while competing and finishing on the track. His comments were unreal! The wind at the main stadium never seemed to die down below 20 mph most days. The one engraver for medals at the meet ruined numerous medals with misspellings, incorrect times listed and used sloppy child-like cursive – all for $10 AUS each. I had to ask our team manager to request a replacement medal for me…since I did not run 2:18 for the 800m, nor could was my name legible.

    Lastly, the athletes party scheduled in the evening at the Perth Zoo was advertised as offering an exclusive one hour showing of their exotic Australian animals – at a whopping price of $90 which included one drink and food. I was so excited to maybe see a kangaroo, a koala, a wallaby, a kuaka, etc. NOT! They only brought out one small lizard. Can’t believe I paid for that!

    Overall, still had a great time at Worlds.

  5. Ken Stone - November 28, 2016

    Perth results have moved to WMA site:

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