Gary Snyder skipping Landover nats to campaign at Eurovets meet

Will the third time be a charm? After Al Sheahen and Rex Harvey lost races for WAVA/WMA president, Gary Snyder may finally clinch the top job for ‘Merica. The former national masters chair has a lot going for him — street cred in Europe for launching drug-testing at major U.S. masters meets and creativity in getting Nike to provide Yank uniforms at worlds. Plus using his own money to help fund stipends to American athletes competing at worlds and getting newbies to enter nationals. Now he’s starting his serious campaigning by traveling to the European masters indoor championships in Madrid. And he’ll impress the Eurovets by actually competing in the M70 javelin (held outdoors) and the 60-meter dash — the lone U.S. citizen entered so far. In seeking to become the sixth president in WMA history, Gary may be the first active-athlete prez. I wrote Gary about his journey, and he replied: “Campaign trip!! Why not compete as I’ll miss our meet in Landover?” So, Eurofriends, say hi to Gary and cheer him on the track and field.

At the moment, Gary is the lone American entered at Madrid, Spain, meet.

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February 5, 2018

3 Responses

  1. Matt B. - February 6, 2018

    The Eurovets will allow Americans but still not let them advance past the heats only 1 race right? So if you finish first in your 800 heat you are done. At least in the USATF champs you can move on but are not included in the medals if you race in the final.

  2. James Chinn - February 6, 2018

    Best of luck to Gary in his campaign.

  3. Anthony Treacher - February 7, 2018

    Needs to have more guts than the present WMA incumbent who possessed neither the civic courage to refuse to apply IAAF CEO Olivier Gers’ unfair ban to Russian master athletes, nor the civic courage to police that ban after 13 Russian masters violated it at 2017 Pärnu, Estonia. Mind you, to date not one of my athletics officers in BMAF/EMA/WMA/IAAF emerges from this sorry business with honour either. Not one. Yes, time for new people.

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