M45 Anthony Whiteman shatters 2 more barriers with WR 1:52.96!

At 45, he seemed out of place. His 800-meter heat at British indoor nationals included a pair of 18-year-olds and two 21-year-olds. (The second-oldest in the field was a 33-year-old who ran 1:54.84.) But Anthony Whiteman’s time fit with the meet’s elite status — 1:52.96. By crashing the 1:54 and 1:53 barriers, Anthony also lowered his own (recent) M45 world record of 1:54.85 (which in turn crushed the listed WR of 1:56.10). His mark overshadowed the masters relays (see results here) at the Millrose Games later Saturday — where Ajee Wilson ran an American record 1:58.27 for 8 and the Duplantis spawn vaulted 5.75 (18-10¼) for a high school record. (Mondo is 17.) Back in the pack of the Wanamaker Mile was 19-year-old Drew Hunter, son of masters sprinter Joan Hunter. Drew clocked 3:56.80. Not bad. Try beating 1:53 in 26 years, kid.

Both Southwest Sprinters foursomes won at Millrose. Photo via Facebook

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February 11, 2017

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  1. chuckxc - February 12, 2017

    Ken, actually the M50 and M60 results should be switched. GPTC won M50, GVH won M60.

  2. .tOnY yOuNg - February 12, 2017

    Ken – Anthony took down my indoor 1500 WR (3:57) with a 3:54 last Tuesday too. He is on a crazy roll!!!

  3. Weia Reinboud - February 12, 2017


  4. David E. Ortman (M63), Seattle, WA - February 12, 2017

    O.K., lets see if we can sort out the false Millrose news from the real Millrose news:

    1. Good for British Whiteman bettering the M45 world 800m indoor record. But a bit of a slight to the Millrose games, especially when you give the “kiddies” results, but not the masters 4×4 results.

    2. The Millrose results link is not accurate. The largest US indoor T&F meet should be able to provide accurate results. One difficulty is that the Millrose games insists on running men’s 50+ and 60+ 4×4 relays in one heat. Neither the runners or the spectators have any idea of which is which, or that this year the Genesee Valley Harriers M60+ (out of six teams) won the M60+ age group in 4:10.76 (the second fastest M60+ time since the event began in 2002) while finishing in second place in the mixed age group heat:

    1. Genesee Valley Harriers 4:10.752
    2. Mass Velocity TC 4:18.080
    3. Shore Athletic Club 4:21.696
    4. CPTC New Balance. 4:45.646

    Genesee Valley Harriers (M60+) 4:10.752
    – Ben James – 57.759
    – David E. Ortman 61.110
    – Anthony Baker 68.868
    – Sam Gray 63.015

    The website erroneously lists these as M50+ results.

    The winning M50+ 4×4 team:
    1. Greater Philadelphia TC – 3:55.17
    2. Mass Velocity TC – Time given not accurate (as it is a dup of the M60+ Genesee Valley Harriers time)

  5. Matt B. - February 12, 2017

    3:51 will be the toughest for him to break outdoors- but probably will.
    800 will go a couple seconds lower outdoors.
    If he does run something like 1:50.5 – compared to his best just amazing. To only slow down 5 seconds over two decades!

  6. David E. Ortman (M63), Seattle, WA - February 12, 2017

    Speaking of slowing down, how about Joetta Clark Diggs who at the age of 22 won the 1985 Millrose Games Women’s 800 in 2:05.61 and 15 years later at age 37 (that’s submasters) won in a faster time of 2:05.42 (and won five times in between)!

  7. Jerry Bookin-Weiner - February 13, 2017

    Age 37 is not submasters; masters starts at 35 and has for quite a few years now. Submasters is 30-34.

  8. .tOnY yOuNg - February 13, 2017

    ..if Lagat decides to comeback and race in the 45’s, he will have to do a bit more than jogging to get some of these times. Level being raised.

  9. Matt B. - February 13, 2017

    She ran 1:57.84 at age 36. This was her PR.
    She was running 2:03 at age 24. Amazing.

  10. chuckxc - February 19, 2017

    After watching Millrose video, it appears M50 and M60 results were as follows:

    Greater Phila 3:55.17
    Mass Velocity 4:18.05
    Shore AC 4:21.70

    Genesee Valley 4:10.76
    Mass Velocity 4:23.05
    Shore AC 4:30.12
    Central Park 4:45.65

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