M60 Dan Radiff savors silver from Porto Alegre 4×4, wants gold

Dan wears his Brazil souvenir and medal.

Former sub-47 quarter-miler Dan Radiff has been to eight world meets, including the 1993 biggie in Japan. At Porto Alegre, the M60 hurdler hoped for more than his silver medal on the American 4×4 team. But he pulled a hammie in his first race (the 100) and was handicapped in his individual events. “It was my most challenging meet, but I’m not giving up,” he told his local paper this week. “Life goes on. I learned from this meet that you never, never give up.” He has been close before, including a fourth-place finish at 2007 Riccione worlds. “I was winning (the 400 hurdles) but hit the last hurdle and went down and they caught me.” Sometimes the losses are as inspiring as the wins. I’m keeping Dan’s example in mind in 2014. He won’t give up either. “I’ve rubbed elbows with some of the world’s best and I’ve had some really good experiences. … I want that first gold and to get on the podium. I didn’t leave it out there on the field. It is something I have to get.”

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December 31, 2013

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  1. Kevin Morning - January 1, 2014

    Good job, Dan. Hard work and consistency usually reap good results at some point. Do doubt, a gold medal is in your future.

  2. Christel Donley - January 1, 2014

    Dan, do you know how much we “suffered” watching you making it through the prelims?
    It was pure guts on your side. The relay was “white knuckle time”!! Jerry and I almost jumped in joy that you and the other 3 runners made it. As far as I am concerned, you earned more than GOLD, ok, it came in a silver color…
    Thanks for being such a great buddy. Your kids watching me Triple Jump and loudly cheering, was another treat.
    Hope, we have more World Games together.

    See you March 2nd at the AFA,
    Jerry and Christel

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