Merlene Ottey done sprinting? Retirement suggested in news story

Merlene in 2010, age 50.

Merlene in 2010, age 50, in WR 100 (11.72).

Merlene Ottey in her 40s and 50s has been fun to follow as fan clubs (and moi) tracked her progress from one Olympiad to the next. Now it’s done. Merlene, 56, is quitting the masters record chase, says a Jamaican newspaper: “The evergreen sprinter told The Gleaner that she would welcome the opportunity to get involved in coaching or to play an ambassadorial role in advancing and promoting the sport.” She said of Usain Bolt: “I know what he is going through. I got a bit tired. In the beginning, I was just going out there to run to see how fast I could run and I got to the point where I said I was satisfied and it was time to walk off.” She also reveals a shift from Slovenia to another European nation: “I am in Switzerland. I just moved there two years ago.” Merlene thus hangs up her spikes with all 100 and 200 WRs in W35, W40, W45 and W50. Plus four indoor WRs (three in the 60, one at 200). I last wrote about her in 2011. Maybe I will again.

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November 29, 2016

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  1. Matt B. - November 29, 2016

    12.8 and 26.36 safe for now then. Sure she could take a few tenths off those if she wanted though.

  2. ventsi - November 30, 2016

    A direct battle between Merlene Ottey and Nicole Alexis would be a dream come true. But now…

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