Online pages will be portal for submitting, checking masters records

Patience, grasshoppers. As reported in March, USATF masters national chair Gary Snyder and his records-advisory committee are ramping up a new system for reporting and ratifying age-group records. Further, an online form under development will allow applicants to report their marks. And a pending records database (here using made-up names) would be a way for athletes to check the status of their submissions. A committee member writes: “Gary has advised that he is taking a two-part action to enact changes. First are administrative changes that do not require a rules change, such as changing the records page on the USATF website.”

Rough draft of USATF masters records-submission form on

My source also writes:

Jeff Brower is working on those website changes and they will be discussed at the Annual Meeting in December. These changes will allow athletes to initiate the process on line and mail the forms later. Gary is working on the paper form. … Second, changes that require a submission to the rules’ change process can only be discussed and voted on in even years. So these will be taken up in 2014. Gary is working on a detailed proposal that will address expanding the number of meets (beyond Nationals and Worlds) that receive automatic approvals–to include meets such as the Penn Relays.

Good work, Jeff and Gary. I also hope delegates to the annual meeting discuss the need for a USATF Masters Records Committee that includes checks and balances. In other words, more than a single member.

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November 19, 2013

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  1. Kathy Bergen - November 20, 2013


  2. Mary Harada - November 20, 2013

    sounds like a very good start to cleaning up what is now a very messy and mysterious process that is failing.

  3. Andrew Hecker - November 21, 2013

    I’ll admit my idea was a little more complex, but this is amazingly similar to the proposal I submitted to the Records Committee two years ago, mentioned here
    In USATF circles that is amazingly fast progress.

  4. Roger Pierce - November 22, 2013

    Thank you Gary and others involved in helping to make things more transparent and logical.

  5. Thad Wilson - November 22, 2013

    Where on the form does the athlete put his or her event and mark/time?

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