Ontario Masters meets pioneering mixed-sex 4×400 relay records

Mixed-sex relays run in any order.

Last April, the IAAF held a mixed-sex 4×400 relay, reporting thusly: “The beauty of the mixed relay is its anarchy, the absence of a set running order of sexes allowing for final legs like the one we witnessed here.” To Duncan Greenshields of Ontario Masters Athletics, the beauty is the record-setting opportunity. As OMA records czar, Duncan is thrilled to announce his province will soon have a bunch of new records. “Your opportunity to set an Ontario Masters relay record just DOUBLED!” he writes. “Did you know the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will have a mixed Men/Women’s 4x400m relay? Yes it will! And we’re starting here in Ontario, too…. We are beginning with Mini Meet #2 (Jan 21st) with a 4×400 relay!” He concludes: “But don’t run only for the record. Run because a relay is fantastic fun. And you will be part of making history.” Nice. Masters meets have experimented with mixed 4x100s, but to me the beauty is it makes possible for more people to run relays. Easier to get two guys and two gals together in a given age group than four guys or four gals. Best of luck, Duncan!

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January 15, 2018

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  1. Quick Silver - January 16, 2018

    The Thais have been doing this for years at their national veterans’ championship.

    Quick Silver
    Hong Kong

  2. Matt B. - January 16, 2018

    Many age/gendered tiered mixed records here USCAA- long history. Not necessarily all 40+.
    I think the decade relay was 30,40,50.60.
    4x100m Relay:
    Four runners, two females and two male, with one man and one woman 40 years or older, each running 100m in the following order: 40+ woman, open woman, 40+ man, open man.

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