Peter Taylor recovering from scheduled (but painful) surgery

Peter at party.

Peter Taylor, masters track Primo Announcer for Life, underwent scheduled surgery Wednesday, according to masters mole No. 2331B. “He says he survived OK,” the source says. “He sent a short note last night, asking us to wish him luck. I think he was feeling nervous. I’m sure words of encouragement would help him heal.” Of course, this isn’t the first time Peter has battled back. He recovered from cancer several years ago and suffered a pulmonary embolism six years ago. The latest surgery involved a sensitive region. Please join me in wishing Pete a swift recovery!

Peter dances with lady milers after Harthshorne races in Ithaca, New York.

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February 3, 2011

60 Responses

  1. Rob D'Avellar - February 3, 2011

    Wishing Peter a speedy return trip to the announcer’s booth.

  2. kevin f forde - February 3, 2011

    Get well soon Pete,masters track isn’t the same w/out you calling the races

  3. Jerry Smartt - February 3, 2011

    Peter, I hope that you have a speedy recovery to ANY booth. We’ll Stop, Look, and LISTEN(of course). Smartty

  4. Mickey Milove - February 3, 2011

    Pete, I wish you a very speedy recovery. Can I have the next dance!!
    Best regards

  5. Liz Palmer - February 3, 2011

    Best wishes for a very speedy recovery!

  6. MIke Sullivan - February 3, 2011

    Peter, Prayers for you to have a speedy recovery…Sully

  7. Roger Pierce - February 3, 2011

    All of us wishing you well Peter. Recover soon.

  8. Julie Hayden - February 3, 2011

    I hope that you recover quickly Peter, and that the pain rapidly subsides. If every master athlete that you have taken the trouble to research has you in their thoughts, you will be better in no time at all.

  9. Paul Brown - February 3, 2011

    Pete I’m praying that you recover “with complete authority!” The championships I’ve won-you were not there. So though I was elated-it was not the same! Hoping to see you in Raleigh and then in Sacto.

  10. Shemayne - February 3, 2011

    Pete, here’s to a speedy recovery! Get Well Soon.

  11. Nolan Shaheed - February 3, 2011

    Pete, we wish you a speedy recovery and complete return to perfect health. Masters track and field owes a lot to you and I can’t imagine anyone ever taking your place on the microphone.

  12. Nolan Shaheed - February 3, 2011

    p.s. If you ever need another surgery, I will do ANY surgery for $29.95 and all I use is a monkey wrench and a butter knife. But since you are a friend, I will also use a nice bottle of alcohol. (to sterilize the monkey wrench.)

  13. Joseph Burleson - February 3, 2011

    Good luck in your recovery, Peter! We look forward soon to having your voice right there with us when it comes time to kick down the stretch, or when we need to pull out all the stops for one last throw or jump!

  14. Bill Daprano - February 3, 2011

    Pete, all the best for a speedy and without complications recovery. From the luckiest man in Georgia.
    Bill Daprano

  15. mike shiaras - February 3, 2011

    Peter: Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the best in the business. Mike Shiaras

  16. Linda Carty - February 3, 2011

    Praying for your speedy recovery, Pete!

  17. Marion Berg - February 3, 2011

    Peter; Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  18. james broun - February 3, 2011

    I am praying for a quick and easy recovery for you. Your announcing makes the meets so much more interesting! Wishing you the best.

  19. Dave Neumann - February 3, 2011

    To the one and only. I join the Masters community in wishing you a fast recovery.

  20. Doug Spencer - February 3, 2011

    Peter, pray that you have a complete recovery !

  21. Lonnie Hooker - February 3, 2011


    I pray that you have a full and quick recovery. Looking forward to hearing your voice.

    God Bless.

  22. Don Young - February 3, 2011

    Speedy recovery! I have really enjoyed your announcing at the meets-it really adds to the excitement level 🙂

  23. Karl Hawke - February 3, 2011


    A quick and complete recovery! Looking forward to hearing THE VOICE again soon.

  24. Bill Collins - February 3, 2011

    Peter, Stephanie and I along with all the members of the Houston Elite family wish you a speedy recovery. We all look forward to seeing and hearing your voice soon.

  25. christel donley - February 3, 2011

    hope you feel better and enjoy reading all the well wishes, it might help a bit!

    Jerry and I are sending, what everyboyd else does,
    best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    And don’t take Nolan’s offer, there must be a catch, or is he giving you a Senior discount…?

    hope you can smile!


  26. frank condon - February 3, 2011

    Dear Peter , wishing you a ultra quick recovery–you are the Best of the Best–I look forward to seeing you at Nationals
    Frank S. Condon

  27. Alan Sims - February 3, 2011

    Get well soon Peter.

  28. Roger Parnell - February 3, 2011

    If positive thoughts can heal, you will heal in no time. Along with the rest of the masters community, I wish you a speedy recovery.

  29. Doug Smith - February 3, 2011

    Peter, may you recover rapidly and completely. We want you back at the mic. as soon as possible. Take care, and keep us informed regarding your recovery.

  30. MIchael Waller - February 3, 2011

    Hey Peter, just want you to know that our best thoughts, wishes and prayers are with you in this time of recovery. I look forward to seeing you in top form soon!

  31. Bubba Sparks - February 3, 2011

    Prayers are with you! You ARE the greatest!! Thanks for all you do!!

  32. Kay Glynn - February 3, 2011

    One day at a time, Peter…. May each day feel better than the day before! Get well soon!

  33. Karla Del Grande - February 3, 2011

    I’m sending you all my positive thoughts, along with so many others in the masters track community, Peter, to help you recover quickly and completely!

  34. Rita Hanscom - February 3, 2011

    Peter, you are admired, loved and appreciated by the masters track community. I join the others in wishing you a speedy recovery, and without a doubt, you will do so with authority!!!

  35. Don Cheek - February 3, 2011

    Hi Peter–Pat and I pray for your speedy recovery and return to track duties. Pat never enjoys my running as much as when you are announcing the race—you have brought dignity and excitement to our Masters Track world—God bless and keep you.See you in California soon.

  36. Oscar Peyton - February 3, 2011

    Pete, get well soon. I can’t imagine participating in a big meet without hearing “The Voice of Masters Track and Field”.

  37. Mary Harada - February 4, 2011

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Peter – and a very quick departure of the pain.

  38. Lisa Daley - February 4, 2011

    Pete, I am praying that you have a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

  39. Ozzie Binion - February 4, 2011

    Pete, You are in our prayers and we wish blessing of a speedy recovery. You are the voice of Masters Track and Field and your talents and efforts are forever appreciated. See you and hear you soon.

  40. peter taylor - February 4, 2011

    11:31 AM Friday (EST): Thanks to all who have publicly or privately wished me well.* Had considerable pain Wednesday night but am doing pretty nicely now. Am 99% sure of making Albuquerque (regular entries are due Monday, February 7).

    Peter T.

    * Special thanks to the athlete who sent me a very nice plant by United Parcel Service.

  41. Jeff Mann - February 4, 2011

    Peter, Best wishes and get well soon.

  42. jumpinjoe - February 4, 2011

    Wishing all the best for you (doctors, nurses, rehab, etc).
    Look forward to seeing & hearing you at the track soon.

  43. Don Drummond - February 4, 2011

    Our prayers have been answered.
    Peter taylor is 99% sure of making Albuquerque

  44. Ralph Maxwell - February 4, 2011

    Hi, Peter.

    What a wonderful outpouring of good wishes and tributes you are getting from all quarters! I think with so many warm accolades and sincere good wishes, your recovery before the Indoor Nationals in Albuquerque is virtually assured.

  45. dave ashford - February 4, 2011

    Well peter getting well is all of our best wishes for you,my special prayers for recovery and good health.dave ashford

  46. Aaron Thigpen - February 4, 2011

    Great to hear your recovering well. Take it slow big guy. Your worth the wait.

  47. Tom Hartshorne - February 4, 2011

    You are a good man, Peter Taylor. I can beat Nolan’s prices. I will do ANY surgreyr for $19.95 and even have a sterilized medical kit left over from pre-medical school back in the early 90’s. You’ll be back soon and I just have to recalibrate your 5K time on the treadmill. . .I think it will be faster, but smooth as ever. Tom

  48. Kettrell - February 4, 2011

    Sir Peter Taylor, from the San Diego Sprint Crew Our prayers go out to you for a healthy recovery.

  49. Nolan Shaheed - February 4, 2011

    OK. $17.50 my final offer. But bring your own butter knife.

  50. christel donley - February 5, 2011

    Sorry Pedro, this one is for Nolan, can’t find his e-mail in my contacts.

    We agreed to do anything possible for FREE, so let’s stick to it!

    See both of you in Albu. Hopefully, the pain is gone, and you are up and about. (Pete)


  51. Kenneth Effler - February 5, 2011

    Go Pete! Can’t wait to hear your voice again at the track and your passionate insights on this website. Get well soon!

  52. Ed Winslow - February 5, 2011

    Get well Pete! We’re all relieved to hear you are recovering. And, as you can see from the comments, we are all pleased that you will be with us in NM!

  53. Gary Grobman - February 5, 2011

    Add my voice to all above for a speedy recovery. Your announcing is one of those extra special features that makes it fun to compete at the national level. You’re a rare gem, Pete!

  54. Bill Zink - February 5, 2011

    Take care Pete. Looks like you’re on your way to a speedy recovery.

  55. Sarah Lawson - February 5, 2011

    Pete! I’m thinking healing thoughts for you!

  56. Ruthlyn Greenfield-Webster, RN - February 5, 2011

    Wishing you well Pete! Oh, and if you need, I can double duty as your very own Private Duty Nurse in New Mexico…and I’ll even do it for FREE!!!!! 🙂

  57. peter taylor - February 5, 2011

    Well, Ruthlynn (or do you prefer to be called Ruthie?), I guess I had better respond to that offer. Nolan Shaheed and Tom Hartshorne both offered cut-rate surgical services (above), but I can’t think of any physician who would recommend those two gentlemen. In fact, when it comes to surgery I think they are charlatans at best.

    You, on the other hand, I can trust. Thus, because I am still suffering a bit of pain from time to time I will take you up on your offer. I am staying in the hotel that is connected to the track (I think it’s the Doubletree). I will call you on the PA system on Friday or Saturday if I still need any kind of care (I know you will be able to do what is best for a post-surgical patient).

    Shaheed and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Hartshorne, are wonderful runners, but watch out when they hold a knife and call it a surgical instrument.


  58. al cestero - February 5, 2011

    my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery…best wishes …! albert

  59. Rick Hoebeke - February 11, 2011

    Geez, Peter, I didn’t know you had surgery until I talked to Tom Hartshorne today. Sure hope you are healing quickly and feeling better. Before long you will be back on the dance floor showing off your new moves!


  60. Liz Taylor - July 11, 2011

    Glad to know Peter is doing good. My husband, Peter’s brother Tim Taylor, misses him, talks about him a lot, and wishes there is a way to get in touch. His nephews, N. and K., would like to meet him sometimes!
    Liz Taylor

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