Sabra Harvey beats Kathy Martin as both break W65 WR for 800

Kathy led  Sabra for

Kathy led Sabra for “quite a while,” says Rob Jerome, who took these pictures.

Kathy Martin took a half-second off the listed W65 world record for 800 meters Monday in Perth. But nearly two seconds ahead of Kathy was fellow American Sabra Harvey, whose 2:39.61 crushed the listed WR of 2:41.81 by Canada’s Diane Palmason at Eugene nationals in 2003. Kathy clocked 2:41.34, six seconds ahead of bronze medalist Rosalind Tabor of Britain. At Michigan nationals, Sabra of Houston ran 2:44.33, indicating she made progress in training. Coreen Steinbach, silver medalist at nationals, was fifth at worlds. Sabra’s time age-grades at 105 percent, with a mark equivalent to an open woman’s time of 1:53.42! The real WR is 1:53.28.

Sabra pulled away late in the race with Kathy as both broke the world record.

Sabra pulled away late in the race with Kathy as both broke the world record.

Doug “Shaggy” Smith had a different angle on this titanic battle:

Kathy led Sabra in W65 800 with red USA uniforms dominating the Perth scene.

Kathy led Sabra in W65 800 with red USA uniforms dominating the Perth scene.

Results from Perth worlds:

Event 45 W65 800 m
Name Age Team Finals
1 Harvey, Sabra W67 United State 2:39.61
2 Martin, Kathryn W65 United State 2:41.34
3 Tabor, Rosalind W67 Great Britai 2:47.38
4 Ingerlise, Villum Jensen W67 Denmark 2:54.22
5 Steinbach, Coreen W65 United State 2:57.51
6 Marler, Caroline W65 Great Britai 2:59.10
7 Heagney, Kathryn W66 Australia 2:59.47
8 Moorhouse, Paula W67 Australia 3:00.07
9 Sims, Kathy W65 Australia 3:01.62
10 Forse, Penny W67 Great Britai 3:01.66
11 Davey, Irene W69 Australia 3:47.40

Results from Michigan nationals:

W65 800 Meter Run
65 USATF: # 2:42.14
Name Age Team Finals Points
1 401 Harvey, Sabra W67 Unattached,Houston, 2:44.33 8
1:23.552 (1:23.552) 2:44.321 (1:20.770)
2 890 Steinbach, Coreen W65 Athena Track,Pompey 2:53.78 6
1:26.171 (1:26.171) 2:53.780 (1:27.609)
3 55 Baum, Rebecca W69 Unattached,Springfi 3:19.83 4
1:42.288 (1:42.288) 3:19.830 (1:37.542)
4 786 Rollins, Nancy W69 Unattached,Evanston 3:24.70 3
1:41.167 (1:41.167) 3:24.694 (1:43.527)
5 678 Oakey, Joy W67 Tnt Internat,Media, 3:45.48 2
1:52.142 (1:52.142) 3:45.476 (1:53.334)

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October 30, 2016

4 Responses

  1. Peter L. Taylor - October 31, 2016

    This is a wonderful achievement for Sabra and, indeed, a marvelous performance for Kathy as well. At Winston-Salem in 2014 (see photo), Sabra ran a terrific 2:42.14 to take down the gold in W65, underscoring the magnificence of her 2:39.61 here in Perth.

    Kathy’s winning time in Winston-Salem (W60) was 2:39.09, and thus she was only 2.25 seconds slower here. Both she and Sabra were latecomers to the sport, and thus their brilliance has very positive implications for millions of other runners. I’m very proud of these two great women, and what an honor it has been to announce them.

  2. Weia Reinboud - October 31, 2016

    Awfully fast!!

  3. ventsi - October 31, 2016

    It was a real pleasure to watch Sabra and Kathy.
    I never believed that 800m W65 could be so interesting to watch. And really fast! Amazing race!
    Obviously, very hard work and great dedication stand behind such great performances. These ladies can only be admired.

  4. Ken Stone - November 2, 2016

    Perth world records are being listed here:

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