Southwest Sprinters smash M50 world record at Millrose 4×4

Lapping runners, Southwest Sprinters TC claimed an M50 world indoor record in the 4-by-400 relay Saturday at the Millrose Games. They clocked 3:39.88 running by themselves (and around the Lane 1 M60 guys) to beat the listed WR of 3:40.21 by Frank Schiro, Carroll Blake, Roger Pierce and Ed Gonera way back in 2003. USATF.TV showed the race (and two others masters relays). The winners tried to pose with the digital trackside signboard, but it didn’t seem to be cooperating. (It showed a current race list but not their time.) USATF.TV posted the race (including Dave Ortman doing his oopsie start). Tony Echeandia started for Southwest, handing off to Marcus Shute and then Clinton Aurelien. Anchoring was David Jones, who maintained poise and focus as he threaded his way through slower runners. Nice run, guys!

USATF.TV did a great job livestreaming the masters relays at Millrose, including WR.

USATF.TV did a great job livestreaming the masters relays at Millrose.

Here are results from the Armory:

1. Southwest Sprinters Track Club
G Echeandia, M Shute Sr, C Aurelien, D Jones 3:39.88 –

2 Greater Philadelphia Track Clu
W Yelverton, R Parker, S Landis, J Curtis 3:46.84 –

3 Mass Velocity Track Club ‘C’ 3:50.32 –

4 Syracuse Chargers 60+
D Ortman, H Hudson, A Baker, S Gray 4:18.70 –

5 Shore Athletic Club ‘B’ 4:20.32 –

6 Mass Velocity TC 60+
G McBride, R Pierce, T Taft, ? Pullman 4:24.17 –

7 Shore AC 60+ 4:30.09 –

8 Mass Velocity TC 60+ ‘B’
T Gillen Jr, P Michaelson, W Jacobs, S Snow 4:38.11 –

9 CPTC New Balance 60+ 4:52.22

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February 20, 2016

20 Responses

  1. allan tissenbaum - February 20, 2016

    Nice running men!!!!

  2. George Patterson - February 20, 2016

    Congratulations!! Some nice running

  3. Mike Sullivan - February 20, 2016

    Great Job Guys!!

  4. EM - February 20, 2016

    Wow, sub 55/man.

  5. Dave Neumann - February 21, 2016

    Many congrats to SWS on their awesome new WR, and to all other competitors in this race.
    (MVTC 50+ Walters-Gorriaran-Neumann-Kinahan)

  6. chuckxc - February 21, 2016

    Congrats to the SWS group. Stand up guys, well deserved. Our goal was to stay in the camera shot as long as possible… LOL. They didn’t make that easy.

  7. Dave Neumann - February 21, 2016

    Many congrats to SWS on their WR.
    from MVTC M50+ (Walters-Gorriaran-Neumann-Kinahan)

  8. Francois Boda - February 21, 2016

    Congrats to these incredible athletes.

  9. Craig Davis - February 22, 2016

    Awesome WR. Loved the USATF.TV availablity not to miss such an event. Nothing Better except being there.

  10. Derek Royce Gaskin - February 22, 2016

    Great accomplishment for the SWS! Congrats. Also, great job to GPTC and MVTC with excellent times as well.

  11. Horace Grant - February 22, 2016

    Congrats to David Jones and the team! I am able to observe David’s workouts here in Houston during each week and I knew he would be able to step up for his team! Great running guys!

  12. Paul Brown - February 22, 2016

    Congrats to my Southwest Sprinter teammates on the World Record! Marcus I am calling it a comeback-LOL! Clinton Aurelien is a 100-200 man who stepped up to the 400 and ran a great leg. Tony and David are bookends at lead-off and anchor respectively. Could this record be in jeopardy already to the 4×400 Southwest team running at Indoor Nationals next week……stay tuned.

  13. Paul Brown - February 22, 2016

    Congrats to all Southwest teams who ran at this prestigious meet. Antwon Dussett is said to have run a 47.6 split as anchor on a team that had a big lead, at 41 yrs old, at an Indoor Meet-really? WOW!
    The USATF TV announcer said in reference to Antwon “he’s running in Lane 2. He does know he’s adding more distance right?” I think he’ll take the trade-off as it is hard to keep all that torque in Lane 1!

  14. saladin allah - February 22, 2016

    What a great time ! Congrats to all who participated, but particularly of Southwest
    Sprinters. This team is the class of Masters relays as far as I’m concerned.

    Sal Allah

  15. chuckxc - February 22, 2016

    Hope everything goes smoothly with the record processing. I don’t see where these guys got credit for last year’s American Club record they set at 2015 Millrose. What’s up with that ? USATF website still says NY Pioneers from 2005.×4/

  16. Ken Stone - February 22, 2016

    Splits are on the Millrose site.

    Here are M50 WR splits:

    Southwest Sprinters Track Club

    G Echeandia (54.70), M Shute Sr (54.40), C Aurelien (55.66), D Jones (55.14) 3:39.88 –

  17. Brad Barton - February 22, 2016

    Congratulations fellas! You make us American M50 guys proud!

  18. David E. Ortman (M62), Seattle, WA - February 23, 2016

    Yes, and a bit of good cheer to the winning M60+ Syracuse Chargers 4×4 team, with a few observations from moi who ran lead-off:
    * Running nine 4×4 relay teams (four 50+ teams and five 60+ teams) on a six lane indoor track was a new experience.
    * A 4×4 “waterfall” relay start where the bottom six runners were told they could cut in immediately as long as they didn’t knock the adjacent runner into the in-field was also novel.
    * Being use to 1500m/mile waterfall starts with “On your mark” – gun, I oopsie started when they threw in a “set” in the middle. As I have a perfect HS/COL/MAST record of never false starting, I’m not sure if I was assigned one, or whether they just gave us all a free do-over.

    And a big thanks to Horace Hudson, Anthony Baker, and Sam Gray who gave me a second change to run at the Millrose Games. A year ago, 10 days before the 2015 Millrose Games I was hauled off by ambulance with a heart attack (95% blockage in the ol’ widow-maker artery due to bad genetics on the Ortman side of the family). I spent two days in the hospital after they inserted a stent and had to cancel out. Tomorrow, I have my one year checkup with my cardio-doc and when he asks me how I’m feeling, I’m going to whip out my M60+ relay medal and tell him I’m back on “track.” Every day is now a good day. I’m thinking of getting a t-shirt printed up: “Not dead, yet!”

    Stay healthy out there.

  19. Lonnie Hooker - February 24, 2016

    As always SW is killing it. Congrats fellas.

  20. David Jones, SWS Team President - February 24, 2016

    Many thanks to all for your supportive comments. SWS never takes for granted the tremendous blessing simply to compete and develop friendships with gifted master runners from all over the country. All the master teams that participated at Millrose Games were class acts and represented the master community very well. Congratulations to all the men and women teams that participated.

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