Two monster Clermont-Ferrand photo galleries debut

Around 6,000 photos of the 3rd World Masters Indoor Athletic Championships at Clermont-Ferrand, France, have been posted by French photog Marin Garrigues. And Canadian shooter Steve Burger has posted hundreds more shots on his own gallery. In both cases, the shots are basically dumped into a database with little cropping for dramatic effect. Marin apparently likes group shots. He posted a million. But it’s all good! The more photos, the merrier! Thanks to Joy Upshaw-Margerum for these latest links.

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April 10, 2008

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  1. Tom Phillips - April 11, 2008

    Word has it that the official French photographers at the World Indoors will finally be posting their pictures “at the end of the week”. So says their web site. Doesn’t say which week, however.
    Meanwhile, my own pictures, including a USA gallery, are on my site, at, and Lesley Richardson has most of hers uploaded now, at Both have been on line for a while.

  2. Doug Smith (The Younger) - April 11, 2008

    Too bad I couldn’t join my Buddies, Tom, Lesley, Steve and Marin in Clermont. I would have loved to shoot there with all those windows and LIGHT !!!! рџ™‚

  3. Tom Phillips - April 11, 2008

    A few hours after the above post, the first huge set of photos from the official Worlds photographers has appeared. It is at:
    The photographers’ web site itself is at:
    On their site, they explain that because they have been processing around 30,000 photos, they are going to be displayed in two parts. The second part will follow in due course, no doubt.
    Doug, yes, you’d have liked it. You spotted how much light there was. Even late in the evening, it was possible to work without flash.

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