USATF President Lananna mentions masters in his report to board

Vin Lananna visited San Diego on listening tour.

USATF President Vin Lananna made a report to the board at the Ohio annual meeting, and he even used the M-word six times! But don’t look for revelations or a vision. He’s basically checking boxes. Here’s what he said: “Masters Athletics continues to expand in both participation and in level of performance. As USA Track & Field celebrated the 50th anniversary of the USA Masters Championships this past summer in Baton Rouge, it was easy to see why Team USA performs so well at the international level. We all value the hard work and dedication our masters athletes display as they represent our sport. Equipping our masters teams in official USATF team gear and having staff support the team was a huge step forward. I see this type of service as an attractive way to generate new members for USATF and I hope Rex Harvey, Master’s Track & Field Committee Chair, and his team can continue to find ways to better support masters in the future.” Fortunately, Rex is plowing through his to-do list, including shaking up committees, naming new chairs.

But the USATF org directory shows some blanks:

Executive Committee

Chair: Rex Harvey – 440-339-5688
Vice Chair: Jerry Bookin-Weiner – 410-740-1332
Secretary: Amanda Scotti – 916-605-8093
Treasurer: Carroll DeWeese – 248-642-4256
Active Athlete Representative: Latashia Key – 317-858-3830
Championship Games: Jim Flanik – 216-244-1705
Organizational Advancement and Promotion:
Appointee: Sandy Pashkin – 541-554-9868

Masters Sub-Committees

Awards: Mary Trotto – 808-875-0178
Championship Games: Jim Flanik – 216-244-1705
Combined Events – Indoor: Jeffrey Watry – 262-539-6036
Combined Events – Outdoor: William Murray Jr – 205-969-1848
Exhibition Events: Joy Upshaw – 510-816-8009
Hall of Fame: Mary Trotto – 808-875-0178
Inclusion: George Melichar – 504-975-3422
Organizational Advancement and Promotion:
Race Walking: Jo Burrows – 336-288-1831
Rankings: David Bickel – 602-571-3600
Throwing Events: Susan Hallen – 847-640-8907

Hope the missing names will be filled in soon.

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January 25, 2018

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  1. Jerry Bookin-Weiner - January 25, 2018

    The reliable site for the MTF Committee is the site. The place to look there is the Org Chart under Governance. That’s been up-to-date for some time. That’s the site that the Masters Committee controls and makes sure has the most reliable information.

  2. Ken Stone - January 26, 2018

    So here’s the org chart:

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