Yup, a 50-year-old man is throwing 16-pound hammer 255 feet

Oleksandr  (or Alexander) was 34th at 2012 Games.

Oleksandr (or Alexander) at 2012 Games.

A friend saw it and didn’t believe it. Moscow-born Oleksandr Dryhol (or Drygol), a Ukrainian now throwing for Israel, spun the 16-pound hammer 77.70 meters in June — 254-11. It’s the 10th-best mark in the world this season, in fact. Not a surprise, since he threw at the London Games. The shocker: He turned 50 in April. And the IAAF doesn’t list marks with masters implements. So his incredible throw would be a slam dunk for an M50 world record, right? Not so. He didn’t throw the 6-kilo ball, which is what Jud Logan used for his listed M50 WR 71.71 (235-3) in 2009. Wikipedia says: “(Dryhol) achieved the selection as the top hammer thrower from the highly competitive country of Ukraine during the 2012 season that saw him improve his personal best in the event out to 79.42 at a meet in Jablonec, Czech Republic, four days after his 46th birthday. At the time, it had been the #2 throw in the world that year. His previous personal best of 77.86 was set almost 22 years earlier in 1990, when he was the 22nd ranked hammer thrower in the world while competing for the Soviet Union. That mark improved his standing world record in the age group by over 4 metres (13 feet). This was not a fluke throw, throughout the 2012 season Dryhol has had several competitions beyond the 77 meter range. Throughout the 2011 season.” What’s your guess on how far OD can throw a 6-kilo today? Three hundred feet?

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July 8, 2016

5 Responses

  1. Weia Reinboud - July 9, 2016

    A good guess for throwing with another weight is multiplying with square root (7.26 / 6 kilo). That means 10% extra.

  2. tb - July 9, 2016

    Weia is exactly right. 77.70 is the equivalent of 85.47m, which would almost beat Elseify’s world junior record.

    He threw 68.10 in the rain in Euros qualifying yesterday.

    If Logan is even eligible to hold the world record, then Drygol certainly is, too. I’d put it at 77.70m.

  3. Nick White - July 11, 2016

    In a fantasy world I would like to think this is legit, but highly suspect in my book. Would like to see him throw remotely close to these numbers in a big competition.

  4. Leigh - July 11, 2016

    There’s no way

  5. Nick White - July 25, 2016


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