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Our photo gallery goes the distance — even if it’s just 400 meters

Latest photo gallery from nationals spotlights distances. Of course, I use that term loosely — since anything over 200 is a distance for me. So you’ll see some pentathletes, quarter-milers and racewalkers here. It’s all good. I’m in awe of anyone who circled the Sac State track. Among our fave shots: Kevin Forde in a […]

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Merlene Ottey becomes oldest athlete in Euro championships

Merlene Ottey anchored Slovenia’s 4×1 team today to seventh in the heats at the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona, Spain. Her team ran 44.3 But in the year’s most important track meet, Merlene made history — becoming its oldest entrant ever. The BBC took note of this while interviewing the 50-year-old legend. In the chat, […]

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Douglas Kalembo aiming for even faster 400: amazing 47 seconds

Having run a near-solo sub-50 at 50, Douglas Kalembo is thinking Superman stuff. In reply to a request for details on his M50 world record in the 400 (49.85), Douglas wrote me: “My goal this year is to run 47.00.” He also described his day July 25: “Got up at 7, (ate) honey bunches of […]

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Throwers exerted selves for the benefit of our cameras (thanks!)

With faces contorted and limbs extended, throwers put on a show at Sacto. Our faves included Neni Lewis in the shot. The sophisticated measuring system for long throws (with no tape). A gent who wore sandals (but no socks) in the hammer throw. And a totally pumped Rob Suelflohn, winner of the M50 shot. See […]

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Sacramento entrants, officials got creative in coping with heat

We neglected to bring a thermometer to the track at Sacramento nationals. But no doubt the temps reached triple digits several days, especially Saturday. Even without shade, provisions were made. Distance runners (including M50 racewalker Joseph Berendt) availed themselves of a lane 3 overhead spray in the 5K and 10K runs. Dr. Richard Watson of […]

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Sprint photos are second out of the blocks in our gallery series

Australia’s Peter Crombie says it was freezing back home in Sydney. But he was plenty warmed up while beating world record-holders Steve Robbins and Don Neidig in the M65 100 at Sacramento nationals. (See photo below.) In our second photo album from masters nationals, Chris chose some great action shots. See the gallery here. Among […]

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Photos but not finished: Our first gallery from Sacto nationals

Chris and I brought home more than 5,000 photos from masters nationals. The memory cards didn’t melt, thank goodness. Sacramento was great for action, but just as amazing for expressions — enjoyment for Joy Upshaw, dismay for injured John Burns (he dislocated his knee upon takeoff in the M65 high jump), and relief for Randy […]

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Mary Harada joins elite club: SI mention in Faces in the Crowd

The week after nationals, Sports Illustrated again features a masters trackster: Mary Harada of Massachusetts and Liberty AC. The SI squib doesn’t mention Mary’s great marks in Sacramento, including her W75 American record in the 1500 of 7:31.56, which sliced the listed mark of 7:42.30 by Bess James in 1985. No matter. Look for Mary […]

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Sacramento was sizzling, but Hungary was superhot and bothered

Shades of 1928. On July 15, the men and women’s 10K’s were contested at the 10-day European Veterans Athletics Championships in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. According to two U.S. officials and a European mole, an overzealous Hungarian doctor (acting as a safety official) pulled eight women off the track in one race. He thought the heat (worse […]

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Kathy Bergen leads record parade on Day 3 at Sacramento

Kathy Bergen raised the W70 world record in the high jump twice Saturday at Sacramento nationals. She cleared 1.28 (4-2 1/4) and then 1.30 (4-3 1/4) before three misses, some close, at 1.32 (4-4). Tom Surber of USATF’s press office chatted with her for his daily highlights report, which listed other American and world records […]

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