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Jim Chinn meets his match; masters pals among wedding party

M50 bachelor-no-more Jim Chinn, the world-class quarter-miler, got hitched yesterday in north San Diego County, where he lives. He and his bride Cecile — approaching liplock below — were married in the cozy chapel of the historic Rancho Guajome Adobe in Vista, a few miles from where they’re making their home in her place. Nine […]

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Alisa Harvey plots record rampage for W45 middle distances

Alisa Harvey, who turned 45 in mid-September, is getting that ol’ aging up adrenaline buzz. Thanks to National Masters News (and its e-alerts), we learn that Alisa at a meet Dec. 19 in Landover, Maryland, ran the mile in 5:06.82 and the 800 in 2:21.89 — not far off the listed American indoor records of […]

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Another boffo site for folks up over:

Canadian masters maven Doug Smith just added to his legend. He’s inveiled It’s a very newsy site with tons of content, including a gazillion photos by photogeek Doug. Eastern Canadian masters are in Web heaven.

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China bows to Asia Masters Athletics, allows big meet in Taiwan

Taiwan has been chosen to host the next Asia Masters Athletics Championships. This is big. The decision was made Dec. 8 at the Asia Masters General Assembly at the Cititel Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Why big? A masters mole writes: “Taiwan was selected to hold the next AMA championships. They last held it in […]

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See Kay Glynn’s amazing dance on Omaha TV morning show

Kay Glynn, our W55 multi-eventer, I can’t get enough of. Last week she appeared on the “Morning Blend” TV show in Omaha (although she lives in Iowa). No matter. The 5-minute clip includes a dance/exercise routing to a contemporary Christmas song. It starts 3:30 into the video. (See it here.) What a great poster grandma […]

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New evidence for Kalembo WR age: Seoul Olympic ID looks 28

Douglas Kalembo is looking for a Santa without the middle name Kafka. His efforts to get recognition for the first sub-50 for 400 at age 50 are winding through a maze of bureaucracy. But his 49.85 clocking last July has fallen through the cracks. Why? It’s not a simple matter of age. In recent weeks, […]

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Let’s do a gift exchange! I’ll start with a useful present for Peter

Peter Taylor, God’s gift to masters track announcing and a superadvocate for records sanity, gets my first gift: diamond-tipped fingers for his keyboard exertions. My second gift goes to my friend Rita Hanscom, who in her day job has been laboring under the radar to mete justice upon Medicare fraudsters. Let her have an aiding […]

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Kathy Bergen finally gets some love from hometown newspaper

It’s about time the La Canada Valley Sun gave Kathy Bergen some ink. How many world records does it take? In any case, a writer with an L.A. Times email address did justice to our W70 sprinter/jumper friend and teammate (despite misspelling hubby Bert’s name as “Burt”). No matter. See the story here. We also […]

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American masters age-group records added to Wikipedia site

Andy Hecker is relentless. First he posts a world masters records page on Wikipedia. Now he’s done the same for American records. (See his latest work here.) Andy writes: “Here’s my Christmas gift to the masters community. I waited until it was a little more complete this time. There is still a lot of information […]

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Watch out for this guy in 20 years, or ask for a far-away lane

This is a hoot. Several people (including my son) have sent me this link. It’s a hurdling video for the ages. Thank goodness it doesn’t involve my age group. Or continent. How many DQ actions can YOU spot? At least 10 and maybe a dozen, by my count. In any case, this video is now […]

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