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M35 Aussie star learns the downside of high-level masters track

M35 multi-eventer Darrin Norwood is Queensland Masters Athlete of the Year, and he has the scars to prove it. As we learn from his local paper, Darrin, an experienced personal trainer, “reflected on his major scare” at the recent Oceania Masters Athletics Championships in the Cook Islands, where he won five gold medals and a […]

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Rex Harvey sees signs of improvement amid appendix cancer fight

M65 role model Rex Harvey updated Facebook with a status report Thursday on his appendix cancer fight. It’s technical but hopeful. “Been getting calls lately about status, so I hope this will let many of you know at once,” Rex begins. “I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts and wishes, but please don’t feel obligated to respond. […]

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Albert Gay can’t wait for Perth worlds and gold-medal haul in M75

Aussie star Albert Gay, no relation to Tyson, won Lyon silver in the vault and bronze in the dec. Not bad for being 74 — at the top of his age group. So he’s really looking forward to 2016 Perth worlds when he’s the kid at 75. His local Aussie paper profiled him (with the […]

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Jen Freemas set W35 national record in decathlon despite injuries

Twenty days ago, Jen Freemas of San Francisco set a W35 American record in the little-contested women’s decathlon. I noted that the marks weren’t exceptional. But shutmymouth! She had some good reasons. Graciously responding to my queries, she wrote: “Yes, three weeks prior to my meet I had pulled my adductor/hip flexor. So I took […]

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M55 champion Bob Arello Jr. gets public warning, loses medals

Budapest world champ Bob Arello won the throws pentathlon and super weight at masters throws nationals. (And got second in the ultrweight pent.) But he’s lost his medals, thanks to not having a TUE. USADA announced Tuesday that “Robert Arello of Sarasota, Fla., tested positive for a prohibited substance, after using a prescribed medication, and […]

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Santa Clara is not San Diego, and other craziness of WMA records

Ten days ago, WMA updated its world record lists. Not long after, the website was rejiggered. For many years, the records were posted as HTML files (regular web pages). But now they’re PDFs. (See outdoor men’s records. and see outdoor women’s records.) No big deal, except it takes longer to view this stuff. I still […]

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Jean-Luc Duez claims another WR in M50 dec at October meet

Jean-Luc Duez of France won M50 gold at Lyon and was credited with a decathlon WR even though he had a higher score earlier. Now we learn, via the Eurovets top 10 site, that Jean-Luc (now 52!) has beaten his mark again, scoring a massive 8106 on Oct. 10 in Tournefeuille, France. Any of his […]

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Coushay relied on bad USADA database in checking on Adderall

GIGO got Brian Coushay. After learning that the M50 multi-eventer had accepted a two-year suspension for testing positive for banned stuff at Jacksonville nationals, I wrote him. He replied Saturday with an honest and plausible account. He said he took Adderall and didn’t find it on USADA’s banned list. (It’s on the WADA list.) But […]

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M50 decastar Coushay accepts 2-year ban in Jax doping case

USADA on Friday released this shocking news. I’ll reach out to “Coush” for his side of the story. “Colorado Springs, Colo. (October 23, 2015) – USADA announced today that Brian Coushay, of Beaverton, Ore., an athlete in the sport of track & field, has tested positive for a prohibited substance and accepted a two-year suspension […]

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British masters seek magazine editor, webmaster, social media guru

The Brits have a masters magazine that could one day become a “full online news service,” according to a help-wanted ad this week. “You obviously have a passion for masters athletics, but do you also have a flare for writing; an eye for copy layout and IT skills? Do you have networking and communications skills […]

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