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Nick Symmonds offers Vegas plan to jumpstart pro track & field

Nick Symmonds, the great 800-meter man, is retired from pro track but not trying to fix the sport. He doesn’t turn 35 until the end of 2018, but maybe he’ll have ideas for masters as well. “If I could raise $2–3 million,” he writes, “I could put on the world’s greatest and most modern track […]

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Father Ted’s miracle: Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as M70

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a horrible illness, but Aussie priest Ted Miller is conquering it, thank God (as he does). M70 Ted told his local parish weekly that the CFS he had was linked to glandular fever he contracted in his 20s, “which – when linked to a virus like the Epstein-Barr virus that causes […]

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MTF Chair Harvey answers critics, questions on LSU weather delays

Mike Travers, USATF Eastern Region masters coordinator, has posted on Facebook a memo from national masters chair Rex Harvey with the title “Weather Delays at Meets.” Here’s what Rex wrote Friday: “This past weekend at the Outdoor Nationals in Baton Rouge, the competition was interrupted several times by weather delays. Some people called them rain […]

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Yo, vaulters: Poles available for rent at Toronto world regional meet

A few weeks ago, word went out that USATF Masters would take reservations for poles it would ship to Toronto for the Aug. 11-13 NCCWMA world regional meet. “If we receive enough reservations, we will ship poles,” said the message to vaulters. Now the USATF and Doug “Shaggy” Smith, NCCWMA meet director, have reached an […]

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Rex Harvey has cancer setback, won’t step back from USATF roles

Rex Harvey reported Thursday on his six-month cancer checkup, and it wasn’t good news. “One tumor is growing a little bit after a year and half of no change, so we will attempt some more treatment,” our national masters chair began in a Facebook post. “I have been accepted into a clinical trial. It is […]

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Julia Hawkins at 101 becomes oldest USATF Athlete of the Week

With a nickname like “Hurricane,” Julia Hawkins couldn’t help taking the world by storm. In being named USATF Athlete of the Week, she’s likely to hold the title of oldest AoW for a long time — or until she’s picked again. Julia is 101. Just a pup. (The previous record-holder was spring chicken Ida Keeling […]

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Meet Steve Jarvis — world’s fastest M40 kidney transplant recipient

A local UK paper tells the amazing story of an M40 sprinter who has a leg up on 2018 Malaga worlds. In 2004, Steve Jarvis got a kidney from his mother (as detailed here). Originally a judo champ, he turned to track and the World Transplant Games, which recently were in Malaga. In Spain, he […]

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Dave Albo laps field when it comes to masters track shots at LSU

Dave Albo was among the youngest M60s in the 400-meter dash at LSU nationals. He squeaked into the final with an eighth-place 68.85. In the final, Ben James won his 5,000th national one-lap title at 58.43 with Dave nearly 10 seconds behind at 68.12. But Dave’s shutter speed and masterful eye made him a champion […]

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M60 walker Scott McPherson handed 4-year doping suspension

Scott McPherson, an M60 race walker, is the latest masters athlete to be penalized for doping. USADA announced Monday that Scott — who took fifth in the 3K and 10K walks at Daegu worlds — tested positive at Albuquerque indoor nationals for “presence of an exogenous androgenic anabolic steroid and/or its metabolites.” He was the […]

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Bob Lida sets second M80 sprint record; Karnell Vickers was a beast

According to weather charts, LSU nationals dodged a bullet — rain — on Day 4, giving sprinters and middle distance runners good footing and field-eventers a chance to breathe outdoor air. Also a slew of relay records. (Results here.) Sunday’s highlights included Bob Lida nipping Payton Jordan’s 20-year-old American record in the M80 200, clocking […]

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