Barrineau posts top HJ mark on Day 1 of Kiwi World Masters Games

The World Masters Games were fully under way Saturday in Auckland, and track results are rolling out here. Helpfully noting the age-graded percentages, separate files for Day 1 track and Day 1 field show some nice efforts in the high jump and long hurdles. Olympian Jim Barrineau cleared 1.65 (5-5) to win M60, and fellow American Curtis Morgan went 1.38 (4-6 1/4) to lead a 1-2-4 U.S. sweep in M70. Kiwi James Blair had the No. 2 age-graded mark (after Barrineau’s 87.7 percent) with his 84.6 percent in M85, where he jumped 1.10 (3-7 1/4). Fellow Aussie Marge Allison was exactly 2 seconds off her listed W70 world record in the 200 hurdles. Marge ran 38.71 Saturday. American Kathy Shook took the W55 300 hurdles in 57.26. Anything big I’m missing?

Bearded Jim Barrineau soars Down Under at WMG. Photo by Rob Jerome

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April 23, 2017

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  1. Jerry Bookin-Weiner - April 23, 2017

    Yes, you’re missing that Jim Blair is a Kiwi, not an Aussie.

  2. Ken Stone - April 23, 2017

    Good catch, Jerry! Fixed.

  3. Milan tiff - April 24, 2017

    Nice jump. Looking at the photo, it feels like there’s more. Be patient and go with time.

  4. Jim Barrineau - April 24, 2017

    Thanks Milan. I think this was a shot of my 1.65 jump which I blew through. Calf started to cramp at 1.70 and I had to skip my last two attempts. I’m starting to figure things out again with the help of some knowledgeable observers. Will do better in the summer. Never too old to learn!

  5. Matt McCubbins - May 11, 2017

    Posted some video of Jim’s WMG jumps:

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